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My Favourite “Green” Products

I can honestly say, hand to heart, I am utterly obsessed with skincare.
The pretty packaging, the magic statements “reduce fine lines” and “youthful appearance” all have me hooked-plus did I mention the pretty packaging?

Over a year ago I became a pescatarian and as part of that journey started to look closely at what I was actually putting into my body and onto it.

All the products listed below do not test on animals, which to me is a major selling point.
Why companies still feel the need to do this is beyond me, however that’s a story for another time kids!

Now the fun part, below are my must have “Green” beauty products!


Malie Organics (pronounced Mah-lee-ay) –

Ah, where do I even begin to describe these products? In June I visited Honolulu, Hawaii to celebrate by 30th birthday. I popped into their store located in the Royal Hawaiian (other stores located in Kauai, and also the Ala Moana Centre in Honolulu).
The store is beautifully presented and the Assistant was very knowledgable.

Malie Organics was founded in 2004 by Dana Roberts and her husband. The company is committed to sustainability, preservation of the environment and actively seek ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Aside from having great company values, their products rock too!
I am OBSESSED with the Kōke’e Beauty Oil. This is a dream. It is a light weight oil, that will leave the skin hydrated with a slight scent. The scent reminds me of long days spent sipping Blue Hawaiians by the beach!
The Kōke’e Body Gloss leaves your skin glowing. I love how both the products are light and don’t weigh your skin down. Perfect to use after a day spent lying on the beach!


Farmacy Beauty –

Unfortunately, Farmacy Beauty is not currently sold here in Australia. I was desperate to get my hands on a few of their products as I have heard such great things.

Mark Veeder discovered and patented “Echinacea GreenEnvy” which is one of the key ingredients in Farmacy’s products. Mark has partnered with Robert Beyfuss who is an expert in farming.

My favourite Pharmacy Beauty product by far, is their Green Screen.
Green Screen is a broad spectrum SPF 30, however unlike other sunscreens that are thick and hard to smooth into the face, this is light and so easy to wear under sunscreen.


Tata Harper –
“I want to create beauty products that meet the standards of the modern woman; luxurious, effective and nontoxic – Tata Harper, co CEO”
Quote taken from

After Tata Harper’s stepfather was diagnosed with cancer, Tata Harper, took the time to review her lifestyle and seek healthy alternatives for herself and her family.
All the ingredients used in the products are grown on the company’s farm in Vermont, America.

I recently picked up the Purifying Cleanser. Wow! This ginger packed bottle of goodness leaves the skin feeling fresh and tingly all over. It smells divine and I love using this in the morning as a pick me up to clear the head and prepare me for the day ahead!

I purchased my Purifying Cleanser from Eve Organics


Leah Lani Skincare –
“I set off to to create a line of skincare that would transform a routine into a ritual” – Leah Lani, creator
Quote taken from

I love the Leah Lani Skincare story. By trusting her intuition, Leah and her husband packed their bags and moved to Maui so she could study at Spa Luna. Several years later and with a clear intention, Leah was able to create this gorgeous brand that continues to inspire those seeking clearer skin.

Not only is the packaging the sweetest but you can really feel the love every time you open the jar of her Mermaid Mask. Yes it can be messy, but no one ever said skincare was clean right?

I was quite surprised the consistency of this mask, I even had my mask brush at the ready but I found it best applied with your fingers and a little water. Rinse from the skin and before you know it you are a mermaid, not quite, but your skin will be just like Ariel’s from the Little Mermaid!

I purchased my Mermaid Mask from I Am Natural Store


Fresh –

I was unsure if I should include this mask as although I love it, the brand technically isn’t cruelty free. Although the company does not test on animals,  unless permitted by law. Which means, for instance if sold in China then testing is required by the Chinese government and the business wishing needs to fund that. It’s surprising as the Fresh website seems to no longer reference this so perhaps their stance has changed ad they no longer sell to China?

What I really love about this mask, apart from the packaging – their marketing team are ace, is the real bits of orange and citrus you can see. It’s a lovely texture also, that stays put on the skin and doesn’t melt off.
After I remove the mask my skin feels refreshed and ready to party!

Tell me, what are your favourite “Green” products? I’d love to chat about this!


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