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Lip a little!

Lips are always overlooked in the beauty stakes yet I believe they are the second most important feature on the face, second to the under eye area!

As part of my #selfcaresunday I always do a little lip treatment at the same time as my masks and cleansers. Living in Melbourne my lips tend to become quite chapped very easily. Here I will share with you my easy to follow lip care steps!

Step 1 – Scrub it
Lip Scrub, Frank Body –

I recall being in my early teens and using a little toothpaste on the toothbrush to scrub my lips, the horror! The younger Renee did not realise but the toothpaste is actually drying. What is needed is a highly moisturising scrub, like Frank Body!
This coffee infused scrub is heaven, the scent subtle and it tastes great. A little goes a long way, it’s also affordably priced at $12.95.


Step 2 – Mask it
Rose Lip Mask, Sephora  –

These super handy, one time use Rose Lip Masks by Sephora are heavenly. The scent again is subtle and they leave your lips feeling plump and hydrated.
I was happy that once removed it didn’t leave any sticky residue.
The only disappointing thing is Sephora, although stating they are cruelty free they do sell in China which technically does not mean they are cruelty free.
Good price point at $4.00 per single mask.


Step 3 – Protect it
Rosehip Seed Lip Cream, Aesop –

I am a big fan of the Aesop brand as they are a cruelty free brand that originated in Melbourne, Australia.  I love this brand due to the fact they don’t sell in China therefore can actually say that their products are cruelty free!
The Rosehip Seed Lip Cream has a pleasant scent and although it is a cream, absorbs well into the lips. It leaves a nice texture, however I find the taste unpleasant. I still use it often though due to how it leaves my lips feeling.


Step 4 – Nourish it
Beauty Fix Balm, The Beauty Chef –

Ah the magical Beauty Fix Balm by The Beauty Chef. Honestly, this fixes everything! I love it, and did you know it has chickpeas in it! This is a multi use balm, I use it on my lips and cuticles and sometimes even on my elbows.
This is a non drying balm and is super hydrating. You also get heaps of product, this jar is 30g so will last for ages. I purchased this through Adore Beauty for $24.95, I highly recommend this balm.


What is your favourite face and body treatment! I would love to hear!

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