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Old London Town

Photo 8-10-17-1

I have been lucky enough to visit London twice now. My first trip was in May 2011 with my mum and then in May 2015 with my Husband on our Honeymoon.

London makes me so happy. The amazing Tube system and those red double decker buses. It’s also where I fell in love with Sephora, before it was a thing here in Australia.

Photo 8-10-17
I have stayed at 2 amazing properties. The exclusive Hotel 41 and the Hotel Megaro.
Hotel 41 was an amazing experience, and the whole time we were treated as VIP’s. Every little detail was looked after, even down to the towels with my initials. The only exception is the rooms are incredibly small but easy enough to deal with when you are overlooking the majestic Royal Mews.
Hotel Megaro was in a great location opposite St Pancras, the gateway to Paris and beyond on the Eurostar. The room was incredibly spacious, quiet and an affordable price. It was also next to a delicious laksa restaurant!

Photo 16-10-17

There are so many beautiful sights and things to do, Buckingham Palace is a must. We also visited the Royal Mews and were able to view the different carriages, even the one Kate used for her 2011 wedding.
A trip to Harrods is a must, even if it is to look at the stunning food hall with every food you can imagine from delicious cakes to any seafood you could think of. I must admit, I am a little obsessed with Harrods tea towels so always make a beeline for the Harrods merchandise. I found the Late Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed memorial very touching, and something you may find interesting if you are fond of the Royals.

Photo 16-10-17-2

Don’t even get me started on the amazing food and world-famous restaurants. In other parts of the world, restaurant’s use a rating system called the Michelin Star (in Australia it’s Chef Hats). I will be doing a separate post on our amazing experience at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, where I have been able to dine at twice and is a must do!

London Must Do’s!

Where to stay
* Hotel Megaro –
* Hotel 41 –

Where to eat
* Restaurant Gordon Ramsay
* Dinner by Heston Blumenthal
* High Tea at The Ritz

What to do
* Visit the Royal Mews
* Walk the various gardens scattered through London
* Have a selfie out the front of Buckingham Palace
* Jump on a double decker bus and see where it takes you

Tell me what you love about London and where I should visit next!

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