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Brand Review – Snow Fox Skin Care

Brand Review – Snow Fox Skin Care

Last week I was privileged enough to receive a sample pack of the newly launched Snow Fox Skin Care line. This amazing skin care line is completely vegan, which makes me extremely happy. I love how businesses are recognising and becoming aware that people don’t want to purchase goods that have been tested on animals, and going one step furthers – purchasing goods that sell in countries that require testing by law.

Snow Fox Skin Care is the baby of Phoebe Song who suffered from her own skin issues and wanted to create a product that was natural, pure and potent. Phoebe took her brand to the next level by ensuring her products aren’t sold in China which require testing on animals to be sold there.

Photo 25-10-17-3
There are 3 products to the line;
* Soothing Facial Cleansing Mousse
* Arctic Breeze Detox Masks
* Defence Mutli-Cream (being multi use, you can use this as a primer, day/night cream and even a blender with foundation)

Soothing Facial Cleansing Mousse
This fun cleanser removes dirt and grease without drying the skin. One of the ingredients is organic peppermint oil and this provides a cooling zing when rinsing off the skin.

Photo 25-10-17-1

Arctic Breeze Detox Mask
The Arctic Breeze Detox Mask is made with 100 per cent organic cotton. It provides added moisture and is the perfect mask to complete a freshly cleansed face. It’s easy to use and does not leave any mess. While masking, this provided a tingling sensation and you could feel the magic ingredients working away. Once removed, my skin felt instantly hydrated and smooth.

Photo 25-10-17

Defence Multi-Cream
A cream that you can use as a primer, day/night cream or even to blend your favourite foundation? How convenient. I love finding multi use products to try and cut down my skincare regime. There is definitely no cutting corners with this cream. It has a lovely light weight feel to it and went onto my skin effortlessly.

Photo 25-10-17-2

Some people may find these products heavily scented, however it is scented with organic oils. I personally love the fresh scent of peppermint and recommend this line to all who are looking for an alternative skincare line that has some great values.

5 thoughts on “Brand Review – Snow Fox Skin Care”

  1. I love the name of this brand so had to read your article to learn more. It sounds great. I hopes it’s available in the UK. I followed your blog as you are attracted to beauty products with the same ethos I love 💗


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