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Product Review – Vanessa Megan, Cryo Facelift

An Instagram friend recommended the Vanessa Megan range to me late one night over a chat about our favourite beauty products. I hadn’t heard much about this brand, however it turns out that the Vanessa Megan brand has quite the following.

The Brand
The brand was born in 2009, with the aim to create a natural skin care brand with no nasties – something so pure “you could eat it”, as Vanessa’s friend stated. Since then the brand has gone rom strength to strength with brand fans loving that the Vanessa Megan brand is;

  • Certified cruelty free
  • Products are all Australian made
  • Ingredients used are natural and organic
  • Environmentally friendly packaging designed to minimise waste & 100% recyclable
  • The Cryo Facelift cubes are vegan

Photo 26-11-17, 1 04 35 pm_preview
The Product – Cryo Facelift
Priced at $160.00 AUD for a 8 pack or $24.95 AUD for a single cube, this product isn’t cheap and it is tiny, it does however pack a real punch! The Vanessa Megan website states that this is plumping, brightening and lifting. With active ingredients to repair the skin whilst working on the epidermis.
Using the method of Cryotherapy, you pop the cubes into the freezer. Once frozen pop the cube into the supplied Muslin cloth and apply to your face in a circular motion.

I purchased some of these for when my mum was visiting from Sydney and we had a girls pamper day. Immediately after applying to our faces, you felt a cooling sensation and the skin slightly tightening. The scent is light and pleasant. After approximately 5 minutes the cube had melted and we massaged the remaining serum into our faces.
Later that evening, both my Mum and I couldn’t stop commenting how soft how faces felt and how good our skin felt.

The Cryo cubes hero ingredients are Quandong which is one of my favourite native Australian botanics due to its high vitamin c content and Ginseng which is known to stimulate the skin.

While the price point is high, I definitely recommend these little punches of goodness as a pamper product or something new to try! It’s supporting a brand with good values, trying to change the beauty industry without the need to test on animals.

Where to purchase?

Photo 26-11-17, 1 02 10 pm_preview

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