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Brand Review – Herbs and Heart

A few months back, I was contacted by Jumana, the owner of the gorgeous organic and cruelty free brand – Herbs and Heart. Jumana created the Herbs and Heart skin care line as she was concerned about the number of chemicals we put on our faces each day.

Not only has she created a brand that is free from any nasty chemicals, she believes in empowering and educating her customers on how to make informed decisions when it comes to their skin care routine.

Photo 13-12-17, 1 25 50 pm_preview
I was sent three products to try;
* Cell Gel
* Aloe Whip
* Elixir

I have been using these products for several weeks now, however I wanted to wait and include my review of the Face Mud which I purchased at last weekends, Finders Keepers market in Sydney. I was thrilled to meet Jumana also, and was lucky to sneak a selfie amongst all the crowd. I love meeting other boss babes who are making a difference in the world. It is so motivating!

Photo 9-12-17, 12 50 33 pm_preview
The Products
Aloe Whip – $28.99
The Aloe Whip’s three hero ingredients are Aloe, Oats and Camellia and has been created to provide hydration while leaving the skin silky smooth. One of my favourite ingredients, Camellia (also known as Tea Seed Oil) is catching on in the beauty world in Australia after being a favourite in countries like Japan for many years.
I love the subtle hint of vanilla, and although the cream is quite thick it goes on smooth while melting into the skin. I found no oily residue. I also enjoyed the cooling effect and feel this would be lovely to use on the face after a day in the sun!

Photo 13-12-17, 2 40 16 pm_preview
Cell Gel – $28.99
The Cell Gels four hero ingredients are Cucumber, Neroli, Rosehip and Orange Blossom. Like the Aloe Whip, the Cell Gel absorbs quickly and effortlessly. It leaves the skin soft to touch with a fresh fragrance I put down to the Orange Blossom.
Rosehip is known to be full of antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids which can assist with dark spots and helping with itchy skin.

Photo 13-12-17, 2 39 03 pm_preview
Elixir – $27.00
I have never been a big fan of Jasmine, even when I was a little one and it would grow down by the pool at my grandmothers place. I thought it was very pretty however the scent too strong. I was a little nervous trying the Elixir due to the fact one of the main ingredients is Jasmine, however I know it has many fans and the healing properties excite me. Jasmine is known for being hydrating.
Fears aside, I really love this little bottle of goodness. The scent is actually really nice and I love how it sits under my make up as it contains gold particles which reflect light.
The Elixir also contains Avocado which is another hydrator but also assists with inflammation. Green Coffee Bean has been added which works to sooth puffy eyes and fight free radicals.The Elixir is now one of my go to beauty products I won’t leave home without!

Photo 13-12-17, 2 38 25 pm_preview
Face Mud – $35.99
Ah the Face Mud. I wanted this so bad, I put my review on hold until I could get my hot little hands on this and boy am I glad! This wasn’t what I expected, I expected a more milky consistency, I don’t know why though. This is a very dark formula the smells absolutely incredible. The Face Mud’s three hero ingredients are Manuka Honey, Orange Peel and Sandalwood.
Manuka Honey is known for its antibacterial properties and the Orange Peel and Sandalwood work as exfoliators. I love the use of Rosemary in this – smells wonderful!
You can either massage this into your face with wet hands or leave on for 3-5 minutes. This can be quite messy so I recommend washing it off in the shower or bath.
Herbs and Heart recommend using their Skin Tonic after to assist with tightening the pores.

Photo 13-12-17, 2 39 39 pm_preview

Lip Glide – $5.00
A natural lip balm featuring Cherry, Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil. Created to heal dry and chapped lips. You also receive a free lip glide with any Value Set purchase.

Photo 13-12-17, 2 45 38 pm_preview
Herbs and Heart not only has wonderful products that are cruelty free, they are also bringing awareness to others, that beauty doesn’t have to involve testing on animals. Mother Nature has blessed us with an abundance of natural ingredients that can be used instead of harsh chemicals.
Wanting to try the Herb and Heart range? Jumana is often at The Rocks Markets in Sydney, so pop in and say hello and tell her Renee sent you.


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