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2017 Christmas Gift Guide

I am a little late to the party with my Christmas Gift Guide, however there is still time for some items if you were to pick up in store. Or, just pop it on your list for the post-Christmas sales.

Some of these items have been gifted as part of my reviews, however I genuinely love the brands I have reviewed. I am a big believer in supporting local Australian brands, every time you purchase from a small business owner you are helping them reach their dreams. Most of the time, their stuff is better that what you can buy from a major retailer.

Let’s kick this off!

1. Malie Organics – Body Wash ($28 USD) and Body Cream ($32 USD), Hibiscus
Pronounced Mah-lee-ay, these products are made in Kauai, Hawaii. Malie uses organic and natural ingredients such as Hawaiian Hydrosols and botanics.

I am a massive fan of Malie, since I purchased some of their goods while I was staying in Waikiki. I especially enjoy the Hibiscus range for Christmas as the packaging is festive, with the red and whites plus it smells like summer!

Photo 16-12-17, 6 49 35 pm_preview

2. The Tooth Brush Project – Bamboo Toothbrush ($5)
While Christmas is the time for exchanging gifts, eating way too much food and sharing a laugh, it’s easy to get carried away and forget the true meaning – it’s a time for giving.

What a better way, than to give a gift that goes towards making the lives of others better?The toothbrush project, aims to help those less fortunate in Cambodia have access to dental supplies, education around dental hygiene and access to dental professionals.

Photo 13-12-17, 2 34 47 pm_preview

3. The Natural Clay Co. – Basic Skin Care Pack ($20 AUD)

The Natural Clay Co. is a great little company offering body and lip scrubs and clay masks. They have bundled together a scrub and mask of your choice for $20, which makes a pretty swell Secret Santa gift.

All their products are cruelty free and feature Australian clays. The use of clay in beauty & health has been around for centuries and is known to draw impurities out of the skin.

Photo 13-12-17, 7 05 02 pm_preview

4. Sensory Soy, Unicorn Soy Candle and Che Sara, Fico Soy Candle ($40) (for Che Sara)

I love candles, who doesn’t – let’s be honest! Especially soy candles. I have featured my Unicorn Soy Candle by Sensory Soy many times over the year since purchasing it at the Queen Victoria Markets. This smells absolutely divine and it has glitter – GLITTER!

My Fico Soy Candle by Che Sara has the loveliest design on the outside and sits inside a white jar. The Che Sara range of candles are inspired by Italy. The Fico candle smells divine, Fico is Fig in Italian and the smell of this candle makes me want to eat a plate of figs!

Photo 16-12-17, 6 50 50 pm_preview

5. Spilt Mlk – Reusable Coffee Cups – ($27 AUD, or use code HAPPYORGANIC for 20% off)

These amazing coffee cups have just hit the market. Locally designed here in Melbourne, they are just the prettiest and come in three colours. Alaskan Mist (pictured), Millennial Pink and Mint to Be. After watching the ABC program, War on Waste, I was shocked to see how many coffee cups we go through each year and just how many end up in landfill, the figure is astonishing.
Don’t forget you can use code HAPPYORGANIC for 20% off at checkout.

Photo 16-12-17, 6 52 52 pm_preview

6. Herbs and Heart, Face Mud ($35.99)

I wrote a review on the Herbs and Heart range in this weeks blog, and met the lovely owner, Jumana, in Sydney at Finders Keepers. I purchased the Face Mud while there and I am a big fan. The brand prides itself of the use of natural and organic ingredients and is cruelty free. The Face Mud acts as a cleanser/exfoliator and you can leave it on for a little longer for a deeper cleanse.

Beautiful packaging, Herbs and Heart also offer Christmas gift packs for $99.00

Photo 16-12-17, 6 55 29 pm_preview

7. Chris Cincotta, Humans in Melbourne ($49.99 AUD)

Chris is an ace bloke, he has his little stall on the corner of Bourke and Swanston selling his art. Not only that, he does so much for the people of Melbourne. Helping the homeless and bringing awareness to issues affecting those living here.

One of the best books I have purchased all year, it includes stories from Humans living in Melbourne plus awesome photos by Chris. This book deserves to be sitting on your coffee table in 2018.

Photo 16-12-17, 6 54 53 pm_preview

7. Kiss Ready Lips, 3 step skincare ($70 AUD), Tropical Body Scrub ($14.99 AUD) and Chia               Rose Lip Balm ($14.95 AUD)

Created by Lou, the Kiss Ready brand uses Australian grown Chia seed oil due to the high levels of vitamins and minerals such a Omega 3 and 6. This range is highly nourishing, and while I have yet to complete my review of the brand and products, I do rate the ingredients used. The balm is a favourite as it contains certified organic oats which act as an exfoliant, it melts into a delicious buttery oil when massaged into the skin.

Photo 16-12-17, 6 48 44 pm_preview

9. Ziel Essence, Mojito Foot Fizzy ($4 AUD), Soothe & Nourish Bath Teabag ($12 AUD)

I found this lovely brand while at Finders Keepers in Melbourne. They have affordable aromatherapy products that smell divine. I love the Bath Therapy Teabags, not only do they smell nice, I love playing with the teabag in the bath. I rest it on my chest to inhale all the goodness.

Ziel Essence also offer gift packs for Christmas starting from $14.00.

Photo 16-12-17, 6 51 24 pm_preview

10. Raw Suds, Christmas Gift Pack

Raw Suds is such a cute organic brand, featuring some really lovely products. They believe in reusing items where possible and state on their website they sometimes use old books to wrap the soaps. Raw Suds offer a range of products, soaps, bath bombs, face masks and face cloths.

Photo 16-12-17, 6 52 04 pm_preview

11. PureNut Macadamia Skincare, Giftpack

How could I forget one of my favourite brands of 2017? I have written about PureNut several times on Instagram and on the blog as I am a big fan. I love this brands origin, they use Macadamia’s from their own farm and take the oil they produce to create their skincare line.

The Man Oil is pure Macadamia oil and I love using this not only to hydrate my skin but to bring life back to my tattoos.

The Body Scrub smells divine and is the perfect consistency.

PureNut offers Gift packs also!

I wish you a very Merry Christmas, be safe and enjoy this time with your loved ones.



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