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Lush Christmas Haul

Well I did it. I went insane and spent close to $100 on bath bombs, why? I don’t even know. Sure I love a Lush bathbomb as part of my #selfcaresunday routine but spending close to $100, girrrl!

I guess, it’s ok as they WERE on sale. A sale so secret that Lush didn’t even advertise it. This came after all the outrage last year when they advertised the sale and their website crashed for hours.

Ok, so I paid $92 for 19 Christmas themed bathbombs which is a pretty good deal considering. What has me thinking though, what is the true price of a bathbomb if they are able to offer such a massive discount? And imagine being one of the poor people who purchased this as a gift for $185 and then realised it’s down to $92?

Did you happen to get anything in the Lush sales?

Let’s breakdown what I got in the Wonderful Christmas Time Giftbox.

1. Luxury Lush Pud
Scented with lavender and Tonka, this is an extremely colourful bathbomb.

2. Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb
Yum!!! I love the Snow Fairy range, it’s extremely sweet so if you aren’t a fan of sweetness perhaps steer clear. This is not filled with jelly like I was originally thinking, I had these visions of jelly oozing out. The “jelly” part is squishy and a different consistency to that of the bath bomb part.

3. Thunderstorm Bath Bomb
The scent of Gardenia and Peppermint draw you in but it’s the popping candy that make this bath bomb fun!

4. Christmas Sweater
Sadly this one doesn’t look like the marketing material. It’s meant to be two reindeer’s and judging by the name mimicking a Christmas sweater?
This is scented with Ginger and Clove and will be sure to warm you on a cold night.

5. Snow Fairy Fun
This is so much fun to play with! It is like actual playdoh, but it smells so good! Another member of the Snow Fairy family, I’m not sure what the bits of paper are for?

6. Golden Wonder
A really pretty bath bomb that takes an incredible 3 days to assemble!
I wasn’t impressed with this bath bomb. While absolutely stunning, think blue-green waters and gold shimmer with gold stars – it smelt terrible. Hardly any smell, and what I could smell was not very nice.

7. Shoot for the Stars
Love LOVE this bath bomb! It is so pretty and smells lovely with hints of Orange and Bergamot. The stars are actually buttery bundles of joy that are extremely creamy. Plus it has glitter!

8. Twilight
Let the scent of Lavender and Tonka wash over you while you forget your worries.

9. Christmas Eve
So pretty!! It reminds me of when you tell someone “I love you like all the stars in the heavens”. Hold the heavens in your hand while you run it under water to create a bath of bubbles. Scented with Ylang Ylang.

10. Intergalactic
Another one of my favourites, I love the pops of pink and yellow against the blue water. Plus it has glitter which is a win in my book.

11. Butterbear
This little bear features vanilla and fair trade cocoa butter.
Isn’t he the cutest with his little scarf!

12. Sherbet Dip
Probably the one I’m least excited to try purely as it is scented with citrus oils, and I’m just not a fan of citrus. It looks like there are other colours under the yellow though, so that excites me to see how this unfolds!

13. Plum Snow
The white is a snowflake. Although it’s a little smudged. This smells absolutely divine and features Mandarin and Plum. This is a bubble bar.

14. Lord of Misrule
Now this looks groovy and the description even groovier!
“Revel in the bath with a wine-coloured, mystically-scented soak”.
Wine-coloured? But it’s green! Oh the mystery!

15. Candy Mountain
“Charlie, Candy Mountain Charlie”
Yess! A bubble bar scented with vanilla and candy. It’s a massive YES from me!

16. Christmas Cracker
Visually this is a winner! It reminds me of TNT?
Scented with Lemon Myrtle and Lime, as I mentioned I’m not a fan of citrus but that fluro pink has got me!

17. The Comforter
Mmmm black currant. Another bubble bar, this is nice and sweet. I’m ready to be blanketed in sweetness!

18. Magic Wand
So not only is this the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen, it’s also reusable!!! Ah, the hip pocket rests easy. Another candy scented product, this bubble bar makes me so happy and is aesthetically pleasing!

19. The Magic of Christmas
Another reusable Bubble Bar but with gold glitter AND mounted on a cinnamon stick!Scented with clove and almond…mmmmm

I hope you enjoyed my Lush Haul, let me know what you purchased in their secret sale!


P.S it would be totally awesome if your social media team could engage with its customers! We love you guys so much and a simple like would go so far!


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