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Product Review – The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

Anytime Deciem launches a new product, the general reaction is people lose their minds. Products sell out quicker than you can say “on sale”. Especially anything in The Ordinary range, somehow Deciem have managed to create an affordable skin care range with only the ingredients you really need.

So in saying that it has taken me a little while to get my hands on one of their Coverage Foundations.

Photo 13-1-18, 3 40 04 pm_preview

So the price, this retails for a crazy $12.90….say what!? Yes! Now it is a smaller bottle than that of something you could find on the shelves of your local retail store but I found a little goes a long way.

The Coverage Foundation comes in an impressive 21 shades and are broken up into three categories 1 for fair to lighter tones, 2 for medium tones and 3 for darker tones.

Photo 13-1-18, 3 41 16 pm_preview

I find the consistency of this foundation light and easy to blend. I haven’t tried using it with a Beauty Blender or brush and I’ve found it goes on nicely just using my hands. This is high coverage foundation.

As per the Deciem website this foundation is;
* alcohol-free
* oil-free
* silicone-free
* nut-free
* vegan
* gluten-free
* soy-free
* cruelty-free

Photo 13-1-18, 3 41 43 pm_preview

I don’t believe I am wearing the correct shade, it was quite hard to pick it in the store. I probably could try a darker shade however generally I do prefer a lighter shade as I love my bronzer and highlighter. The shade I have been wearing is 1.2P.

Photo 13-1-18, 3 38 57 pm_preview
As you can see here, the shade is quite light compared to the skin tone of my hand.

The greatest thing is, it isn’t an expensive foundation yet it performs so well. I will be purchasing this again (although in a darker shade) and continue to use this in my make up routine.

Please let me know if you have any feedback! Have you used this product before?



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