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Inflight Beauty Essentials

Ah the joys of travel. You are super excited for the trip, you board the plane and take your seat then your face starts feeling dry.

That’s the reality of travelling via plane. I am flying to Sydney today for the weekend and thought I would share how I look after my skin on flights.

On longer flights I will use a sheet mask however as this is only a short mask, a deep cleanse is completed prior to leaving for the airport with a heavy moisturizer applied.

Note: Apologies for the quality of photos, last weekend was super hot in Melbourne which affected the photos!

Photo 28-1-18, 11 47 28 am_preview

So this is what’s in my carry on;
* Tarte Pack Your Bags Eye Mask
* Pure Nut Macadamia Skin Care Eye Cream
* Jade Roller
* Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator
* Kiss Ready Skin Chia Oil
* Pure Nut Macadamia Skin Care Lip Balm

Tarte – Pack Your Bags Eye Mask
I used to love Tarte. I was the biggest fan of their mascara. However recently Tarte have not acted ethically and therefore I will no longer be purchasing any Tarte related items.
In the meantime I will need to use up what I do have. I purchased these eye masks while I was in Hawaii, I think I have 3 left. I love gel eye masks, they provide an instant push of hydration and make the skin under my eyes feel plump.

Photo 28-1-18, 11 48 27 am_preview

Pure Nut Macadamia Skin Care – Eye Cream
A thick cream like this one is important around the eye area as our skin is thinner here. Like the whole range of products offered by Pure Nut this features macadamia oil which is great at hydrating the skin.

Photo 28-1-18, 11 49 06 am_preview

I Am Natural Store – Jade Roller
I try to spend 1 – 2 minutes each morning using my jade roller. It assists with lymphatic drainage which is important on a flight where I can retain fluid. I also have a photo shoot tomorrow so I don’t want a puffy face!

Photo 28-1-18, 11 47 59 am_preview

Josh Rosebrook – Hydrating Accelerator
The Hydrating Accelerator is a cult favourite across the world and no wonder. This has over 40 ingredients that help promote hydration in the skin. This also smells AMAZING! I normally spritz this when I have a face mask on but will be spritzing away mid-flight!

Photo 28-1-18, 11 50 04 am_preview

Kiss Ready Skin – Light Chia Oil
To seal in all the goodness, I will finish with the Kiss Ready Skin, Light Chia Oil. As the name suggests this is a light oil that helps with hydration. Made with Chia seed oil which is high in omega oils which the skin loves! I also use this on my cuticles when they are feeling a little dry.

Photo 28-1-18, 11 50 31 am_preview

Pure Nut Macadamia Skin Care – Lip Balm
And the crowd goes wild for this lip balm! One of the best I’ve used and my definite go too, I’ll be using this throughout my flight. I love the Manuka honey in this, its extremely healing and with Melbourne weather I often have dry and chapped lips. It’s also a great size and a great price!

Photo 28-1-18, 11 49 34 am_preview

What do you use on flights to keep your skin hydrated?

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