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Brand Review – Herbae Thylacini

When Dr Karolina “Kaja” Skraskova reached out to me, to try her gorgeous products I was over the moon. We had been following each other for a few months, and I loved seeing her posts. One post caught my eye, that was of the Wattle Seeds & Lavender-Tea Tree Facial Scrub – it sounded like heaven. My long time followers will know, I’m all about the smell. I love products that have essential oils, and yes sometimes fragrance isn’t the best for those for sensitive skin but I love it!

One of my first questions to Kaja was, what does Herbae Thylacini actually mean?
Kaja explained, “Thylacini is actually latin for Tasmanian Tiger, so therefore the name Herbae Thylacini is “herbs of Tasmanian Tiger” – how cool is that!

What I also love, is Kaja’s passion. Someone who is out there, living their dream is inspiring beyond words! Kaja’s knowledge in extensive, having completed her studies as a pharmacist (MSc) and a holistic scientist (PhD), with one of the main reasons being her fascination for how plants and people can heal each other.


The ingredients that go into the Herbae Thylacini range are grown in Kaja’s organic garden on Bruny Island, Tasmania (some ingrediants may need to be sourced from local growers if their produce is not sufficient).
They also seek to use organic materials where possible.

Calendula & Lemon Balm Facial Oil – $38.00 AUD

This is WAY more than just another facial oil. This is a wonder oil! Take 4 to 5 drops and with a splash of water massge into your face in a circular motion. The Facial Oil left my skin feeling plump and hydrated. This has some yummy ingredients;

  • Calendula
  • Lemon Balm
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Sunflower
  • Apricot
  • Almond
  • Avocado

The scent is subtle but pleasant. It’s also crazy that an “oil” didnt leave a greasy residue on my face, it just absorbs straight into the skin.

Chamomile & Leatherwood Honey Salve – $43.00 AUD

I can already tell, this is going to be my winter lifesaver. The one product to rescue me from the cold and windy Melbourne weather! I love the texture of this, and the smell is heaven, anything with honey makes my heart flutter!
I adore how this is non greasy, just now as I type, I used some on my knuckles and cuticles and it has absorbed completely with no oily residue.

Wattle Seeds, Lavender & Tea Tree Scrub -$37.00 AUD

Ok, I have a confession to make. I’m sure, much to Kaja’s horror, I didn’t pay attention to the instructions of mixing this with water and attempted to use it straight – don’t blame me, it just smells so darn good! So kids, don’t be like me, read the instructions!
Take a small amount of the product and mix with a little water to form a paste, the rub into face in a circular motion. The reason it is in this form, as Kaja explained to me, is it ensures the product is more concentrated and you can use it as you need it.

The wattle seeds act as the exfoliant, generally in most exfoliators salt is used (can dry the skin), coffee, sugar and heaven forbid those tiny plastic particles that pollute our waterways.

I  love this scrub. Even the other day, I had such a rough day and all I wanted to do was use this and inhale the gorgeous scent. Such a natural and fresh scent.

I hope you enjoyed my review, I absolutely love this brand. I love the values and most importantly the knowledge that has gone into creating these.

Be sure to pop over to Herbae Thylacini and on Insta, @herbae_thylacini and check out the range for yourself!




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