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Meet the Makers – Monica from Natura Skincare

Happy long weekend all, I hope it’s been a killer day for you. I had so many goals for today, and I achieved only 1 before I had to have a nap – for the whole day! Since my operation, I have been focussing on listening to my body, rather than trying to push myself.

It’s been 2 weeks since my first Meet the Makers post with the lovely Sarah from Mermaid Cove Organics. I had such lovely feedback on it, with so many of my favourite brands wanting to be involved – this made me so happy!

The Meet the Makers interviews will be weekly going forward, and we have some awesome interviews in the works.

Tonight, we sit down with Monica from Natura Skincare and hear her thoughts on the why behind her brand!


R. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us Monica! From the moment I announced the interviews series, I admired your passion for wanting to be part of the project! Natura Skincare’s Philosophy is built on 5 core values;

  • Carbon Neutral
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Cruelty Free
  • Education
  • Self Care 

So tell us, what lead you to starting your business?

M. I am a mamma of 3 and my children’s skin can be sensitive at times, reacting to different products over the years. My son and one of my daughters had eczema when they were younger and my son also has asthma. I always thought I was being quite conscious of the products I was using on their skin, but it wasn’t until I did a few workshops (and lots of research), that I realised some of the products I thought to be toxin free, unfortunately were not.

I started off making body butter and scrubs for family and friends to try and I received lots of positive feedback about the way the products made their skin feel and the way they smelt. I really loved experimenting and creating and so what started off as an interest, turned into a passion that led me to creating Natura Skincare!

Natura Skincare is pretty much a one woman show. I am the founder, maker, packager, labeller and all else that goes along with it (although I have had the help of family and friends when things have gotten a bit crazy!!) but when I refer to the business as ‘our’ rather than ‘my’, it’s in acknowledgement of my awesome husband and kids. Without their inspiration and support I may never have started this journey!

R. I would have to say that the above question is one of my favourites. I absolutely love hearing how an idea turns into a passion and then a dream!
I mentioned Natura Skincare’s 5 core values above, however can you tell us a little more about the Natura Skincare philosophy?

M. Natura Skincare is a cruelty free company, we do not test on animals and never will!

We are aware of the impact we have on the environment, so we only use packaging that can be recycled. We also proudly use Sendle to deliver our products to you, Sendle is Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service!

img_3198Image via Instagram Natura Skincare

R. You mentioned how it took a bunch of workshops and research to understand that some products didn’t hold up to their claims regarding being toxin free. It’s actually shocking how much “greenwashing” occurs. Since starting Natura Skincare, how important is the use of organic/natural ingredients to you and your brand?

M. This is fundamental to Natura Skincare! There is a huge focus in society on what we put into our body and eating healthily, what many don’t realise is that skin is the largest organ of your body and what you put onto your body, can penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin. All our ingredients are natural and our products are scented with essential oils not synthetic fragrances. Our products also contain numerous organic ingredients.

We have made a range that is affordable which is made possible by using a combination of natural and organic ingredients.

At the moment all of our products are anhydrous (do not contain water) so we are able to avoid the use of preservatives.

R. Oh wow! I love that! I also wasn’t aware that products that do not contain water can avoid the use of preservatives! I would assume that also makes the product more potent? Are you working on anything new or exciting?

M. Ha ha! I always feel like my mind is running 100 miles an hour. I am experimenting with cold pressed soap at the moment as well as a face moisturiser and cleanser.

Some products in the range have been fairly easy to formulate while others have taken a lot of trial and error.

img_3196Photo by @Brianna_carvalho via Natura Skincare’s Instagram

R. Oh Monica, you had me at cleanser! If you need a little guinea pig, consider me, cleansers are my all time favourite. The Green Beauty Movement is gaining momentum, any tips for those wanting to start a Green Beauty business?

M. I truly believe education is power, do your research, enrol in a course, talk to others in the industry. Do what suits your learning style to increase your knowledge. You will make mistakes along the way but it’s all part of the learning process.

If this (or anything else for that matter) is where your passion lies, then believe in yourself, know your worth and go for it.

R. It’s so true, I think it’s so easy for us to have so much self-doubt. Especially as women but if you truly believe in something then go out and do it. Life is too short to not be living our passions. You’ve spent some time speaking about Natura Skincare, tell me, between juggling 3 kids, a Husband, new formulas what are your go to self-care tips?

M. This is a hard one because self-care means something different to everyone.

When talking about self-care as a beauty regime I make the time to exfoliate 3 times a week. My fave scrub of the moment is Natura Skincare’s Coffee & Peppermint Scrub for a morning pick me up or Rose Petal Scrub if exfoliating before bed!

I give myself a facial a couple of times a week by detoxing and nourishing my dry skin with our Balancing & Exfoliating Clay Mask followed by our popular Rejuvenating Honey & Cacao Mask.

When I can, I soak in a detox bath using our Rose Petal Soak or Lavender Soak depending on what mood I’m in.

When looking at self-care on a mental and emotional level I try to be kind to myself and let go of the ‘mum guilt’. There will always be guilt and second guessing yourself… did I spend enough quality time with them today/listen to them/advice them well…the list goes on.

And a must do…Laugh. Laugh a lot, have a sense of humour, make others laugh, laugh at yourself and don’t take life too seriously!

img_3199Photo from Natura Skincare’s Instagram

R. You are spot on, self care means something to everyone. Sometimes, for myself self-care is a Saturday afternoon nap! On the topic of self care, how do you practice gratitude?

At the start of the year I bought myself a pretty little book and I tried to make a habit of writing down 3 things I am grateful for at least once a week, but it just wasn’t me.

So gratitude has just become part of me and my daily practise. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and there is a lesson to be learnt in all lost opportunities, doors closed and endings.
I have faith in God and this has helped me through some really difficult times. I try to focus on all the things I have been blessed with… good health, family and friends just to name a few vital things.

My mum always used to tell me and still does at times, that there is always someone worse off than us, wishing that they were in our shoes. This is something I always tell my kids. Gratitude breeds positivity, optimism and happiness.

R. Thank you so much Monica for your time. I absolutely love your honesty and positivity! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you, and your skincare plans!

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks, Meet the Makers interview! As always, please let me know any thoughts or feedback you have.

Have a safe long weekend,




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