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Meet the Makers – Polly from Sage Cosmetics

Sage Cosmetics is made up of an awesome duo, Polly & Lu. I’ve been following their journey for sometime now and was there cheering them on when they launched their newest baby, their website, a few weeks back.

Sage Cosmetics are based in Sydney and offer workshops, where you can learn how to make your own skincare. They even offer Bridal Showers and Hens Parties, which I think is awesome – I wish I could have had that for my Hens night!


As I mentioned, they recently launched their website where you can pick up essential oils, gift packs and even products such as packaging for making your own skincare.

You can locate the website here, and they are offering 10% off for my readers! Use code HAPPYSAGE to receive your discount.

As part of the Meet the Makers series, today we are catchin up with one half of the duo, Polly, to learn a little more about Sage Cosmetics.


R. Since we started following each other, I’ve been able to watch your journey which took an exciting turn 2 weeks back when you launched your website! I’m loving the feel of it, you both have done an amazing job! Being such a dynamic duo, what lead you to starting your business?

P. Lu and I have worked together for over 8 years in the natural cosmetics industry and were always each other’s wingman, we just clicked. Lu actually hired me (great choice) and taught me everything I know! At the end of 2017, when Lu was on maternity leave, our previous employers moved the business interstate, making us redundant. It was, in a word, devastating. But in hindsight, a blessing in disguise. We wanted to continue using the knowledge we had gained over the years and share our passion for natural cosmetics and ingredients. Both having natural skills in teaching, we wanted to inspire and coach others to make products with confidence.

R. Two girl bosses kicking ass, I love it! Your classes look like so much fun, I can’t wait to get up to Sydney and join in on the fun. With planning classes and running the business, what does any given day look like for you both?

P. As we are both mums to toddlers, our days are messy and unpredictable to say the least! We try hard to work during work hours, and commit to our family lives in between. Our work days really pack a LOT of intense work into the hours we have to care for our children, but with more than a fair share of questionable jokes and loud belly laughs. Our days off are filled with park dates, kids yoga, non-toxic paint spills, dog walking, summer beach days, being waaaay too noisy in libraries, museum madness and plenty of gardening.

R. I love that even though you are running a pretty hectic business, you are still setting aside time for your family. I think the temptation when you start a business is the freedom to work your own hours but rarely does it end up being a 8 hour day – more like 12+ hours. Therefore I think it is so important that time is set aside for the family – awesome stuff! If you weren’t running the business, what would you be doing?

P. Well who knows. It really feels now like this was the thing I’ve been waiting for, and I never even knew it. I trained and practiced as a Naturopath for many years, and loved being in clinic, but my sensitive personality found it hard to take care of myself while taking care of others. I don’t believe I would have come back to that line of work, but my intimate knowledge of the body, natural health, ingredients and a true love of coaching, brings the perfect combination to this venture. Creating, teaching and inspiring others in this field brings me insurmountable joy, as does working with my brilliant business partner Lu, who is beyond supportive.

R. You mention your knowledge of natural health, how important is the use of organic/natural ingredients to you and your brand?

P. As a person with extremely sensitive skin, I’ve been using natural products for many, many years. For me, it’s the only way to go, and I love being able to help people in the same position to be able to create products that are specially customised to suit their unique skin condition, type and scent preference. We truly believe that there are so many great natural products out there, that there is really no need to use synthetic ingredients. All our products are 100% natural, and every ingredient in our recipes is there to nourish and benefit the skin. And for us, that’s what it’s all about!

R. Apart from the launch of the website, which I absolutely love, are you both working on anything new or exciting?

P. We’ve spent the last 5 months creating our classes and building our website and online store to be a place not only to purchase your ingredients for handmade natural skincare, but to learn all about them. We are so excited to see how people go making and customising the recipes we have available. We are also working on our Recipe Kit concept, which will be kinda like Hello Fresh for skincare. You’ll receive all the ingredients you need, an easy to follow recipe and access to instructional video content. We think it’s going to be A LOT of fun.


R. Oh my, the Receipe Kit sounds so cool. I will defintely want to be part of that, lucky I’m subscribed to your newsletter so I can keep my eyes open for when it launches! Next, tell me a little about you interests/hobbies outside running your business.

P. Well, to be honest, I’m a real nanna at heart. My hobbies include gardening, crocheting and baking. I love doing arts and crafts with my 3 year old son and playing cards with my parents. Lu is way cooler than me. Her passion is music, she’s an awesome musician and hosts a radio show called Foreign Dub Airways every Sunday arvo.

R. To be fair, I think both interests sound equally cool, nothing like a little baking on the weekend. I bet being in the studio on air would be a total buzz for Lu too! Having a purpose and a why is so important, have you figured out yours?

P. I think for both Lu and I, our why involves our families, but also perhaps even more, ourselves. We could quite easily work for others, but we know that to be truly fulfilled, pursuing this dream of ours is so important. We know how much we have to offer others by sharing our knowledge and the satisfaction of working hard to benefit our little families is incredible.

R. I honestly love that. I love how you recognise that while youre both doing this not only for your little families but also yourselves. Any self-care tips?

P. As working Mums, looking after ourselves is the best way to look after our families. So self-care is so important. I make sure I look after my mental health by checking in with a health practitioner frequently. I journal, meditate and exercise regularly. The thing I love best of all is having a “selfcare Sunday” ritual, vaporising relaxing essential oils, applying a clay mask to my face and an oil treatment to my hair and listening to podcast. Time out, intentional focus on self and a good natural beauty treatment can do wonders!


R. I’m a massive fan of #selfcaresunday, it’s my favourite time of the week. I love how it can mean something different for everyone, as long as you are taking some time for yourself and doing a little check in – that’s what it’s all about.
Any tips for those wanting to move away from mainstream beauty products and into green beauty – where should they start?

P. For us, green beauty is very much about DIYing. We teach others how to make professional style cosmetic products from their home, and we practice what we preach. My beauty regime is solely handmade products created specifically for my very sensitive skin type. For anyone wanting to follow the same path, I would recommend taking time to get to know your skin type, understanding that although natural, not all products will suit you, and trying to simplify! Single ingredient skincare is simple, sustainable and effective. For example, using Almond oil as a makeup remover or Jojoba oil as a moisturiser.

R. The biggest thank you Polly for taking time out to have a chat. I absolutely loved hearing how you both focus on balance in your lives and I’m excited to be following along your journey as you continue to grow and teach those your natural ways.

Don’t forget, Polly and Lu are offering 10% off for my readers! Use code HAPPYSAGE to receive your discount at checkout.

Have a fab weekend,


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