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Meet the Makers – Sylvie from Scout Cosmetics

Tonight, we catch up with Sylvie from Scout Cosmetics which is super exciting as Sylvie has built an amazing cruelty free beauty brand!

I have been using 3 Scout skin care products for roughly 3 months now, you may have seen my product reviews posted on here.

Scout Cosmetics has 3 different ranges;
* Skincare
* Mineral Make Up
* Handcare, specifically a nail polish range and remover


I get such a buzz every Saturday night when a new Meet the Makers interview is posted. There are so many reasons for this but namely, a brand is getting an opportunity to share their story, their purpose and their why.
Readers are getting to know the brand a little more and finally, our little Green Beauty Community gets just a little bit bigger.

I admit, I get quite nervous when I ask a Maker if they would like to be part of the series. I have self doubts, is my platform big enough? Am I wasting someone’s time, and as we know time is a precious commodity.
Then I wake myself up and say, no girl you got this!

I’m so glad I built up the courage to ask Sylvie as I find her extremely inspirational!

“As a woman, I enjoy feeling beautiful, special and self-empowered” –  Sylvie

Time for you to grab a glass of wine and sit down with us as we get to know Sylvie from Scout Cosmetics just that little bit more!

R. Thank you for taking some time to answer a few questions. I’m extremely excited to learn some insights from such a successful woman in business. Firstly, what lead you to starting your business?

S. My foray into the world of beauty was driven by a love of natural cosmetics along with an inability to find quality Australian-made organic beauty products. Before launching SCOUT l knew that many of the natural brands that were available at the time either were from overseas (primarily the US) or did not offer the efficacy, quality and colour l was looking for in natural cosmetics.

R. I love that instead of just settling on something that wasn’t what you were after you went ahead to create something that could be available in Australia and also offer the quality you were looking for. How important is the use of organic/natural ingredients to you and your brand?

S. Most people forget that skin is the largest organ in the body, meaning the ingredients within any skincare or makeup product we use are being absorbed into our bodies. Chemical toxins are very destructive whereas natural products, including natural plant and fruit extracts are better for your skin as they possess a nutritional value that help to support the skin.

As a brand, we have always been focused on the effectiveness, quality and integrity of our products and this is what has made the choice for natural/organic so important. When you choose a Certified Organic product, you know that it has gone through rigorous testing to ensure that it does not contain synthetic fragrances, colouring agents, ethoxylated and GM ingredients, silicones and nano particles among others. One of the most important aspects for me is that there is definitely no animal testing permitted.


R. It’s so true, I know before I started my journey with Green Beauty I never used to worry about the ingredients or animal testing status (even though I love all animals), it just never crossed my mind. Now, they are the two biggest things I look for when choosing skincare and make up products. I think education is so important, especially from a young age! Is there anything new or exciting happening in the world of Scout Cosmetics?

S. We have a lot of exciting superfood skincare innovations in the works and definitely plan on extending the range in the near future as the current offerings have been received so well to date. Growth in face and body products are planned for the second half of 2018 and beyond.

R. Oh that does sound exciting! My favourite thing about Scout Cosmetics is the different ingredient combinations. For instance, I’m currently trialling (review due 27th) the Balance & Replenish Light Moisturise with Calendula, Red Mandarin & Pumpkin and I’m loving how you have chosen ingredients that compliment each other so perfectly!

I mentioned above the need for education, especially around ingredients in skincare and make up, do you have any tips for those wanting to move away from mainstream beauty products and into green beauty – where should they start?

S. I think this can be a really daunting and challenging concept, having to completely change-up a beauty routine. Our skin can be super sensitive to change so l would definitely recommend starting small. Make small changes to your daily routine by swapping out a cleanser or adding a serum, to help you skin naturally adapt to the changeover. Keep in mind that many organic ingredients are highly active so allowing your skin to become accustomed to the impact of an active beauty product is key.


R. That’s a great tip, and most likely a lot easier on the pocket by starting small and working out what works for the individual before they outlay a bit of cash!
Apart from leading the way in the beauty industry, where do you draw your inspiration from?

S. As a mother and wife, my family and three boys are definitely one of my biggest daily inspirations, especially looking at the wonderful men they have grown into. I also find myself continually inspired by the SCOUT brand and our work to continually push the boundaries of natural and organic beauty and growing our brand awareness and global business.

R. I imagine a lot of research goes into what is happening in the beauty industry, and how to stay ahead of the game (as they say!). What does any given day look like for you?

S. Every day is different when it comes to owning and operating your own cosmetics business. From testing and discussing new products and formulations with our manufacturing team to liaising with stockists and retailers and staying ahead of the game when it comes to innovations in the natural/organic world, there’s really no slowing down.

R. It sounds extremely busy, but also very rewarding. With being on the go, and nurturing not only your family but the business, how do you take time to look after yourself and practice self-care?

S. I think it is so important to take time for yourself each day in any way you can, given how busy our lives can get. Whether this is taking some extra time to pamper ourselves, meditate or spending quality time with family and loved ones, it’s simply important to take a holistic approach and self-care.

I agree, and I think that is something I have learnt from the Meet the Makers Series. Looking after yourself and self-care is different for everyone, find what works for you and remember to love you!

Thank you so much Sylvie for taking the time to chat with us. I absolutely love what you are doing at Scout Cosmetics and find you, as a person, extremely inspirational #girlpower

As Sylvie says, “Every woman should be free to feel beautiful, special and self empowered”.

Have a wonderful weekend all,


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