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Meet the Makers – Kayla from Tribe Skincare

I’ve mentioned this a couple of times already on the socials, but I am genuinely so excited for tonight’s interview. The feedback I have received has been overwhelming and I’m so glad we can all learn a few things from some very talented makers.

Tonight’s interview is with Kayla from the very amazing Tribe Skincare! You will know Tribe from their colourful packaging and specialising in skincare for those with sensitive skin – plus it’s cruelty free!
With the 1 year anniversary fast approaching, Tribe Skincare continues to go from strength to strength. Even popular influencers rave about Tribe Skincare.

Personally I have quietly admired Kayla  from the moment she launched her brand. You see, we are in the same business Facebook group and I would often see her posting questions and also helping others in the group.

I love how Kayla openly shares her own business tips and what works for her and Tribe. I’ve found so many people in business won’t share their ideas or even what works for them for fear someone will do better than them. Kayla lives and breathes the #girlboss movement, even helping me with business questions I have and being so supportive of The Happy Organic Girl.

Founder, Kayla

R. Thank you for joining in on the Meet the Makers series. I mentioned above that I find you so incredibly inspirational, so I think its only fitting we start with a question about inspiration! What inspires you each day, and what is your favourite part of the day?

K. My favourite part of each day is what inspires me every day. In the 3 hours that I spend doing the daily business admin, I get to check the daily reviews that come to the website and chat to all the customers. We get so many lovely messages from customers every single day, encouraging us on our journey, thanking us for helping with their skin, or brightening their day with a funny post we do. It definitely inspires me to keep doing what we are doing.

I do also really love packing the orders though, so maybe that’s my favourite part!

R. I have a confession to make! I love LOVE your insta-stories,especially the ones where you show all the orders you have packed. Apart from starting the day with admin tasks, what does any given day look like for you?

K. I start the day with a HUGE coffee! So bad…I know. Then I meet my sister at our shop where we frantically pack all the morning orders (and from the night before). We put a lot of work into the orders with personalised notes and little surprises, so we have a lot of fun packing them. They get posted about 11am and then we spend the next 3 hours doing general admin tasks, ordering, Instagram story content and customer service.

Then it’s time to get back into the afternoon of packing orders, which we get to the post office about 4pm. That is supposed to be when the day is done, but I then spend most of the night finishing off things from the day and doing more social media. We are always busy, but I must say it’s a really amazing job doing all of my favourite things!

With sister and team member, Amber

R. WOW! So just a little busy than during the day? I like how you break the day up into blocks ie: 3 hours for admin. I have a tendency to flick between tasks which probably slows me down. What do you find the biggest challenge in business?

K. The biggest challenge in business for me is switching off. I always have a mental list of 30+ different things I need to complete and I am constantly brainstorming (it’s literally like a chaotic storm). It’s probably more challenging for the people around me, as I need to remind myself it’s my passion, and they probably don’t want to hear about it 24/7!

In saying that it’s a challenge, I really love spending every day doing something I love and I spring out of bed every morning with motivation for the day.

R. As Confucious says “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” and it sounds like you are doing just that. With the good comes the not so good, how do you deal with negativity?

Negativity breeds negativity and positivity breeds positivity. Each day, I focus on bringing positive vibes to the tribe! The customers’ skincare journey should be a wonderful, enjoyable experience the entire time. Then their positivity breeds and radiates when they tell their friends and family about their new skincare and experience.

As business owners, we do have to deal with negativity, and I find it best to give the problem as little attention as possible. Fix it if needed, turn it into a positive if possible, and then move on.

I also keep a business gratitude journal most days, where I write down a few amazing things the business achieved or positive opportunities that came our way. This really helps me remember the positive things, and the negative things become forgettable. Getting to be a part of the ‘Meet the Makers & Shakers’ will definitely feature in the gratitude journal.

R. I love that “negativity breeds negativity and positivity breeds positivity”, it is so true. I know myself sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up in negativity and breaking through it. When I get in that mindset, I tend to go for a walk and try and do some deep breathing to move back into a positive space.

Tribe Skincare recently moved to a larger office, it looks like it has so much character. I bet you are loving having a little more room to move! Apart from the move, are you working on anything new or exciting?

K. Always! 😉

We recently released our “Fruit Tingle! Body Moisturiser” that smells EXACTLY like Fruit Tingles and is packed with fruit enzymes to dissolve dead skin. That one has been going crazy on Instagram!

We are currently formulating an Aloe Vera & Pink Clay cleanser than doubles as a really soothing mask to assist with facial redness. We specialise in sensitive skin, so the customers all tell us exactly what they want to see next and we made it come to life!

R. Oh my, Aloe Vera & Pink Clay cleanser sounds divine! I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with for the packaging.

Now, you’ve shared what life at Tribe Skincare looks like, let’s finish with a few questions about you! Having a purpose is so important, have you figured out yours?

K. Oh, yes! I consider my purpose being to provide skincare solutions for people with sensitive skin. There is nothing better than feedback from customers saying “I have tried so many skincare brands that reacted with my skin. Tribe is the only skincare I can use” or something along those lines. It makes me think “mission accomplished”.

We do this in a very ethical way too, with all our skincare being all-natural, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and Australian-made. People are putting a lot of trust in us by choosing Tribe as their skincare, and it is our purpose to provide an ethical and effective solution.

R. I can only imagine how busy you are running Tribe Skincare, but how do you take time to look after yourself and practice self care?

K. Absolutely! We hear it all the time, but I love reminding myself (and other people) of the saying “YOU DO YOU!” It is SO important to focus on your own journey. Find what you love doing and what makes you truly happy, and do more of that. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing and don’t compare yourself to others. If you are not really happy with where your journey is at, take inspiration for others and practice gratitude until you feel happy with your path and what you are achieving.

R. Thank you again Kayla for sharing a little insight into life at Tribe Skincare plus a little about you. I see massive things in store for the brand and for yourself. I’m sure, I like many, will be cheering you on along the way.

If you are interested in the Tribe Skincare range, Kayla has kindly offered FREE express shipping using code, HAPPY at check out. Simply click here to see the full range.

A little insider tip, I purchased the trial kit a few weeks back and absolutely love the Protect Me! Day Moisturiser with SPF15 – it smells so good. Keep your eyes peeled on Monday as a review for the Trial Kit will be going live!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Meet the Makers, reach out if you want to chat 🙂


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