Brunch at the Espresso Room, Northcote

Brunch – noun
A late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch. Thanks Wikipedia ha!

Actually brunch is one of my favourite things. It combines a normally long sleep in, with just enough time to excuse an eggs benny as an appropriate dish past noon. Once finished it’s generally time for another nap, which is another one of my favourite things to do.

Back to where this tale begins. Fresh off the plane from Hawaii, we headed to the Espresso Room in Northcote. A great space, located on the corner of High Street in Northcote with a tram stop right out the front – perfect.


The space is my idea of heaven with an industrial chic feel. Love the use of the graffiti art within the cafe and the seating is perfect.

They even have their own deli section, so you know what you are getting is fresh off the slicer!

We started with ordering smoothies as it was such a warm day and the smoothie list was  welcomed with open arms. Smoothies are $9.50 each and are massive!

The Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie – $9.50

I chose the Detox – spinach, kale, mint and cucumber. Perfect to get some nutrients into me post flight.
@chefjordanbird went with the Anti-Inflammatory – tumeric, mango, banana, coconut water, honey and cinnamon.

Next we had to decided on what we were going to eat! This is always the tricky part, lucky I spotted the specials board as a dish quickly grabbed my eye.

Haloumi & Fig – $17.50

The Haloumi & Fig dish consisted of Turkish toast topped with haloumi, poached eggs, caramelised figs and basil pesto. The moment anyone mentions haloumi, I’m on board!

I found the dish tasty, and loved how the sweetness of the caramelised figs worked with the salty haloumi. The Turkish bread was soft and toasted to perfection.

Eggs on Hash – $17.50

Of course I had to order something with hollandaise, it’s a cheeky accompaniment to any breakfast dish.

Eggs on Hash was so delicious, I loved the crispy hash brown and they didn’t shy away from using many slices of delicious smoked salmon.

Buttermilk Pancakes – $16.50

No brunch is complete without something a little sweet on the side and of course, I had to get a totally instagramable dish – the Buttermilk Pancakes.

Oh boy, these. These are the pancakes of the gods. So fluffy, so soft and not too sweet. The infused mascarpone was perfect alongside the fluffy goodness. I also loved that there wasn’t an excessive amount of cocoa crunch, it was just right.

The Brunch Gang!

Hang on a second, what about the coffee. One of the most vital drinks, one that Melburnians have perfected? I hear you asking, don’t worry read on to hear my thoughts on that!


Of course I had to try the coffee, after all they roast their own beans on the premises. How cool is that! I ordered a small soy cappuccino to take away and it was perfection.

Smooth, creamy and utterly delightful. I highly recommend you adding a coffee to your order.


I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Espresso Room, Northcote. The food was wonderful, well priced and plentiful. I highly recommend you pop along and try this place for yourself.

Have a browse of their menu http://www.theespressoroom.com.au and check them out on instagram @espressoroomnorthcote.

Thank you for having us guys! We will be back soon!

Let me know of any places you would like me to check out next!


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