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Product Review – Resibo

I’m slowly getting back into the groove of things since returning from Hawaii. So many  things are overdue, coinciding with Christmas & the New Year. Everything seems to be happening at once. Slowly does it, I’m getting back into routine and before you know it you won’t stop hearing from me!

I generally try to review products within a 4 week period. However my trial period for the Resibo products was interrupted with my trip and I’ve reintroduced them into my routine since returning.

I was excited to be given the opportunity to try a few of the Resibo products as visually they are stunning. The packaging is bright, colourful and I just love how organic it feels.


Resibo was created in Poland, with the creation of the cleansing oil (hello!). From there they have used that formula as a base for their other products such as their nourishing creams. The Resibo range are vegan, and marked at a rate of 96% organic. With their products taking 3 years to develop and test to ensure all people, no matter their skin type, can use the range.

The lovely people at Resibo sent me 4 products over to try;


Nourishing Body Lotion – $33.99 for 200ml
A beautiful thick cream, where a little goes a long way. I found it soaked into my skin easily and didn’t leave a tacky residue. With some interesting ingredients such as a Lungwort extract which reduces inflammation of the skin and classics such as shea butter.

Lightly scented, I enjoy using this before bed so it can work it’s magic overnight. I also noticed when using this, my tattoos are brighter and the colour in them pops.


Nourishing Cream – $39.99 for 50mls
The first thing I noticed with this was the generous size and easy to use pump. I really like when face creams/serums have a pump as I find it reduces waste and you can easily use just the amount you need.

The ingredient list in this is so good! There is a hero ingredient of Lyco-sol which is extracted from the tomato plant. It works to reduce UV rays penetrating the skin and also assists with hydration. Algae and Manuka oil feature also which also have been shown to hydrate the skin.

I enjoyed how soft it left my skin feeling, also no sticky residue. I found my skin looked a little fuller, which is good for me as since I’ve lost weight I’ve noticed my face hollowing out a little.

I prefer using this in the evening\, simply because I generally don’t use any creams in the morning due to my make up routine.


Eye Cream – $46.99 for 15mls
Like it’s other family member, the Nourishing Cream, the Eye Cream comes with a handy pump. I found it pumped a little too much product on a full pump so I generally only push down half way.

It has a silky smooth feel to it, and when I apply it under my eyes it leaves a beautiful cooling feeling.

The hero ingredient is something called Redens’in which is an extract from an Indian tree. It is used to help smooth wrinkles and reduce the fine lines that people develop around their eyes as they age. The use of caffeine as an ingredient helps “wake up” the eye area therefore I like to use this in the morning just before I start applying my make up.

I also found this absorbed easily into the delicate eye area also.


Soothing Lip Balm Perfector 3 in 1 – $16.99 for 10ml
I love lip balms that come in tubes, so much easier to apply on the go! The Soothing Lip Balm Perfector claims to nourish the lips, increase lip volume and highlights the colour of your lips.

I found this sits nicely on the lips, it is quite thick so only a little is needed. I can’t comment on the increase of lip volume due to my fillers but I did find my lips looked healthy when wearing it. My lips tend to look quite pale but I enjoyed the subtle colour this brought out in my lips.

This has a subtle mango scent which I quite liked also.


Overall, I really enjoyed this range of products and I look forward to using them further. There is one product on the website I’d love to try and will look to purchase, the Smoothing Face Serum. It sounds a real dream!

Thank you Resibo for sending these across! You have created such a wonderful line of products, using such a stellar range of ingredients.

You can find the product range on their website

Keep your eyes peeled in the New Year for a Meet the Makers special with the founder of Resibo!


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