Brunch at The Hub 3070

The Hub 3070 is a wonderful light filled space located in Northcote (take the train to Dennis if catching public transport), that makes you feel instantly welcomed.

I was greeted by George, the owner, from behind the coffee machine who was busy making coffees for the locals. I hear they absolutely love his coffee’s – I was excited to try one for myself!

The Hub 3070 is perfect if you want to take the kiddies along for breakfast, with a special kids menu and even a separate area for the kids to play.

No kids? No worries, the other seating is away from the kids area ensuring you can work on your laptop to the hum of a busy cafe.

The Barista’s use Ona Coffee which is a beautiful blend. Founded in 2008, Ona Coffee is now Canberra’s largest roaster and supplier and supply to over 100 cafes.

Ona Coffee believes in ‘Connecting Communities, Sharing Flavour’ and source the highest quality green beans from their ethical trading company, Project Origin.


The coffee was perfectly blended, beautifully presented and was smooth on the palette. What made this even more perfect was the bite sized, chocolate chip cookie on the side. The perfect accompaniment to the cappuccino.

Cappuccino – $9.00

I had to try the Chai Smoothie with Sticky chai, banana, honey and almond milk it sounded delicious! I wasn’t disappointed, it was perfectly sweet, flavoursome and the chai really made it pop!

Chai Smoothie – $9.00

I also loved the jar it was presented with, plenty of smoothie and with the addition of chia seeds for some extra fibre and coconut for taste!

Matcha & Vanilla Panna Cotta – $17.50

We started with the Matcha & Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta with The Hub 3070 granola, mango coulis, poached fruit, fresh berries, freeze-dried bananas, coconut yoghurt and edible flowers this was one of the most beautiful dishes of 2018.

The beautiful plate with matcha sprinkled on the side, pops of red from the rhubarb and edible flowers, I instantly fell in love.

Matcha & Vanilla Panna Cotta – $17.50

There was also the addition of coconut yoghurt, which when combined with the Matcha Panna Cotta created this stunning sweetness on the palette. It also went well with the granola which at first I was worried it maybe too dry however it matched it well.

I must admit, I’m normally not a massive fan of Matcha but this dish blew me away. What a delightful way to start brunch!

Potato Hashstack Your Way with Salmon – $19.00

Next we enjoyed the Potato Hashstack Your Way with salmon, poached eggs, pickled cabbage, goats cheese, spinach emulsion and chilli hollandaise this was another wonderful dish.

The pickled cabbage is a different addition, and not one you often see in breakfast dishes however this worked incredibly well. The pickled cabbage cuts through the hollandaise and breaks up the flavours. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

The potato hashstack is incredible too, the texture inside is smooth and creamy but firm while outside is crunchy and golden – delicious!

Potato Hashstack Your Way with Salmon – $19.00

What’s great about this dish is you can choose from bacon, salmon or mushrooms which makes it a great all-rounder dish for multiple dietary needs.

I also must say, the perfect poached eggs of the year award goes to The Hub 3070. They were perfectly cooked, nice and runny the way poached eggs should be!

Grilled Shimeji Mushroom Omelette – $18.00

The Grilled Shimeji Mushroom Omelette with Moonlight goats cheese, pine nuts, spinach and chives on organic sourdough was another stand out dish. The creativity that has gone into this is unreal, I love how they have folded the omelette while the Shimeji mushrooms stick out, tempting you to cut in and have a bite.

Grilled Shimeji Mushroom Omelette – $18.00

The Shimeji Mushroom is native to East Asia however is now grown in Australia amongst other countries. The Shimeji Mushroom has a wonderfully nutty flavour and works well with the crunchy sourdough and pine nuts.

I must say, The Hub 3070 is definitely one cafe that you must put on your list to visit. It is just such an excellent place. I love what George and his wife have created, a stunning space with a delicious menu and something for everyone.

The service from the staff is wonderful, friendly and attentive.

I can honestly say, this meal was a 2018 standout from the fresh produce, stunning presentation and amazing customer service.

Pop it on the list and let me know how you go! Enjoy!


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