Dinner at Lemongrass Thai Restaurant, Carlton

So, I can honestly say that Thai food is one of my favourite cuisines. You can’t go wrong with a classic Pad Thai, with the yummy tofu and peanuts. However when you pop along to the 2017 No.2 Thai Restaurant in the WHOLE of Australia, among the many awards they have been given, you are in for a little more than a classic Pad Thai.

We arrived early (standard) to Lemongrass Thai Restaurant, however our host, Paula the Head Chef, was happy to seat us. The interior is stunning, with touches of Thai furnishings and beautiful wooden chairs and tables.

Paula presented us with several options and then asked if we would like her to pick for us. We said yes, this is always the fun part – after all the Chef knows best!

Lychee Daiquiri

Ok, so I posted this photo on instagram and it got a ton of likes and comments. Could it be, because this is quite possibly, the prettiest cocktail you have ever seen?

I can confirm it was extremely refreshing, especially on a hot day, and I loved the ice blended lychee flavour. They may have also got my vote with the micro herbs on top!

Prawn in Asian Lettuce (however ours was with Betal Leaf) – $7.80 each, minimum 2

We enjoyed the Prawn in Betal Leaf immensely, this was so fresh and crispy and perfect to start with especially as it was nicely chilled.

It prepared the palette for the spice of the next dishes and was fun to eat.

Satay Skewers of Chicken – $3.80 per stick, minimum 4

Our first dish, the Satay Skewers of Chicken, flamgrilled and presented with a wonderful satay sauce which was a little spicy but compliment the chicken.

I enjoyed the flame grilled taste and the skewers were a great size with tender meat, the presentation was perfect and fun (plus easy to grab them!).

Coconut Soft Shell Crab – $26.80

Let’s just take a moment to pause and acknowledge, how stunning this dish is. Look at that incredible presentation. By far a standout and takes presenting Thai food to the next level.

I knew I just had to try the Coconut Soft Shell Crab, an extremely popular dish that uses all of the coconut in the preparation before being presented in the coconut. Not only did it look amazing, it tasted so good. With the crispy soft shell crab bursting with flavour and the delicious pieces of coconut – omg I want this again!

Pineapple Fried Rice – $18.80 plus $4.80 to be served in the half pineapple

Another gorgeous dish, the famous Pineapple Fried Rice tastes so good – and again, look at that presentation! Served with raisins, cashews, pineapple, onion, prawn, chicken and egg topped with pork floss it was the perfect side to the delicious curries and stir-fry’s.

I loved the juicy prawns that were hidden within the rice – so tender!

Green Curry with Chicken Fillet – $22.80

When this dish was placed in front of me, the first thing I noticed was the incredibly green and fresh ingredients in the bowl. The Thai Basil, Broccoli and Peppercorns were so fresh. The Green Curry is perfect for those that aren’t big spice fans as its very mild.

This dish is still cooked by the Lemongrass Thai mentor, Boonchoo and her daughter and granddaughters.

Wok Fried Beef with Chilli Paste – $18.80 (lunch special)

We had a great conversation with Paula about this dish, as the texture of the beef is very interesting. First they marinate the beef, then coat in flour and quick fry before tossing with the other ingredients in the wok.

This leads to crispy, yet tender pieces of beef. I love spicy food and found this easy to eat however Paul did warn us of the spice level!

Thai Banana & Berry Pancakes – $15.80

Since having my lap band put in, I’m restricted with carbs and being able to eat them. I saw this dish coming towards and for a split second I was worried I wouldn’t be able to eat it. Then I realised, I’m Renee and I never say no to dessert haha!

This fluffy pancake is similar to roti bread and was very easy to eat. It was so delicious, not overly sweet and I loved the ice cream on top to add moisture to the pancake.

This is another beautifully presented dish, who knew you could make pancakes look this good!

Sang-Kaya – $9.80

The Thai version of a creme caramel doesn’t disappoint. A dish that Paula has created, this is perfectly balanced and not overly sweet, which was great for me. I was blown away by the presentation, again. The syrup, which has been poured over the “creme caramel” was light and complimented it perfectly.


I cannot fault this meal at all, and rated them 5 stars on Zomato. Everything from the staff, to the interior and then the food was a wonderful food journey.

I thoroughly recommend you pop along to Carlton to try the cocktails and the food, I know I’ll be heading back as soon as the Husband is not working nights!

If you would like to check out the menu for yourself, you can do that here http://www.lemongrassrestaurant.com.au or on Instagram here @lemongrassmelbourne

Please do let me know if you have been or planning to go! I’d love to hear your thoughts on dining here – enjoy!



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