Brunch at Collective Espresso, Camberwell

Collective Espresso is fast becoming one of my favourite cafes to visit when I am in the Camberwell area – good food and great coffee have me coming back and time and time again!

Next to the Camberwell train station, this makes it an extremely accessible cafe to visit – plenty of street parking too if you decide to bring the car.

As I mentioned, the coffee is good – really good. Brought to you by Under Cover Roasters, the cups are a decent size and they have non-dairy options too.


After a preview of some of the new menu items back in December, I was excited to return and try some of them for myself.

The Head Chef has taken presentation to the next level with the new menu items – wait till you see the Vegan Panna Cotta!

Iced Chai Latte – $6.50

As I mentioned the coffee is good, really good, however I decided to try the Iced Chai Latte which was nicely chilled and had a little chai sprinkled on top!

My only problem – I forgot to ask for non-dairy! I still drank it, I was willing to accept the bloat for this delicious ice-cold drink.

BAM – $7.50

I have previously written about BAM – the Blueberry, Apple and Mint Slushie – I bloody love it, so decided to have another one of those.

This drink is perfect for a warm day, or even a little pick me up. I feel healthy drinking it ha!

Vegan Mango Cocola Pannacotta – $18.50

Have you ever seen a more stunning breakfast dish. Seasonal fruit with poppyseed and that beautiful panna cotta.

Vegan Mango Cocola Pannacotta – $18.50

I loved how the Chef has created the Panna Cotta – with two layers and set in such a divine mould. It reminds me of walking through Monet’s garden in France.

Eggs Benny – $19.50

Gone are the days of an Eggs Benny being some ham on two muffins with a little packet hollandaise. These days it can be anything from a potato rosti, sourdough, pulled pork, beef brisket – the list goes on.

The Chef’s creation features poached eggs x 2 (YES!) on a crispy chipotle pork & potato hash with wilted spinach, apple & herb salad, & hollandaise.

Eggs Benny – $19.50

I loved the hash – crispy and golden and full of flavour. The apple & herb salad cuts through the rich hollandaise and the chunky pieces of pork in the hash provide a lovely texture.

Plus those eggs were perfection!

Poké Bowl – $16.50 plus $2 for a Poached Egg

Just like the classic Eggs Benny, these days EVERYONE has a Poké Bowl, it’s what the Chef’s do with the bowl and their own twist that makes it different.

I love how the chef has chosen to use turmeric in the rice to not only had flavour but also had some colour to the dish. The seaweed salad was the perfect addition as adds an additional texture to it.

Poké Bowl – $16.50 plus $2 for a Poached Egg

Now lets talk avocado, look how much there was – perfect. I love places that don’t skimp on avocado – especially when I’ve taken a second mortgage to indulge myself ha!

The use of the Micro-Garlic Chives is genius, not only visually but they also add a depth to the dish when eaten with the avocado or the salmon.


The perfect brunch spread is then followed by a perfect nap – except we decided to go exploring ha!

Do yourself a favour and stop by Collective Espresso when you are next in Camberwell. Tell them The Happy Organic Girl sent you!


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