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Meet the Makers – Ewelina Kwit-Betlej from Resibo

I was lucky to review a gorgeous range of skincare products from Polish brand, Resibo back in December. You can find the review here.

Today we are lucky to be speaking with the founder, Ewelina Kwit-Betlej and learning a little more about the skincare brand that marks their products at 96% or higher organic and that are vegan.

Ewelina Kwit-Betlej

R. Thank you for joining us Ewelina! I simply adore your range and use the Nourishing Cream most nights after I’ve double cleansed. It just goes on so nicely and provides me with the perfect amount of hydration.

Talk us through how the Resibo idea was created?

E. The idea got out of the need. I had a huge problem with my skin, that I couldn’t help for years. After uni, I learned about this method of cleansing face with oils.  I really wanted to try it as it supposed to be the secret to the beautiful skin of Asians. At this time there wasn’t any such products available in Poland and ordering through the internet wasn’t an option ( rather unlikely this days, hey?). I decided to do it myself. With a help of a friend with chemistry degree I made a first mix, that I kept working on for a year. It started to work on me, I started to share with friends and it just picked up from there.

R. I am obsessed with cleansing oils, face oils…my skin loves them! 
If you weren’t running Resibo, what would you be doing?

E. I sometimes think about it but I don’t have a clear answer in my head. I think it would have to be something creative, in a place, where my opinion counts. Maybe I would be a graphic designer?

R. A Graphic Designer, interesting – and very cool! That reminds me, your packaging is absolutely stunning. I love the pops of colour against the neutral background.

What have you found to be the biggest challenge in business?

E. So hard to choose one, there is so many of them….really, just running a business every day is a big challenge, especially for a person who never had any business running experience.  But for sure one of the biggest challenges is ability to separate work from home and free time.


R. The whole work/life balance seems reachable before you are running your own business but with each win comes then hunger for more wins.

How do you deal with negativity, whether it is an unsupportive friend or business related feedback?

E. I do it automatically – my mind is kind of programmed already, that its rejecting unnecessary worries and if I do have to deal with such stuff I try to find a positive solution 😊 But when it is really bad I let the emotions in : I cry, I talk to those close ones. The best thing is an honest and deep conversation full of respect to the person who is often the source of negative emotions.

R. Sometimes we need to have those hard conversations in order to grow within ourselves, I still try to avoid them though ha!

On the flip side how do you celebrate success within the business?

E. With our team over a glass of champagne or good food. With friends and family over dinner. The most important is that the closest people are close.

R. How important is the use of organic/natural ingredients to you and your brand

E. Very important! Firstly because they are healthy and safe for our bodies and secondly because they are incredibly effective!


R. I must admit, that is one of the values I love about your brand and products!

Are you working on anything new or exciting

E. All the time 😊 At the moment in Poland we are introducing 4 new products in line, and new year holds many more products surprises, but not only. We plan a small brand refreshment. I am so excited and cannot wait for it!  

R. That sounds so exciting! I can’t wait to see what is in store with the brand refresh!

Who would you say has been the most influential person to you and your business?

There was many of those people but they were mainly business leaders. One of them was Tim Ferris, an author of “4Hour Work Week”, which after reading this position I decided to do the first step towards my own business. The second person always was and still is my husband – my partner for good and bad, who from the beginning trusted my ideas and always backed me up.

R. Oh, that sounds like an interesting read, I am currently sitting opposite a book shop in a cafe so I might just pop in after I finish my coffee.

Outside of running Resibo, how do you like to enjoy your downtime?

E. My interests are mainly in cosmetics and skincare topics. Sometimes I try to run away from it so I can relax and not feel like I am still at work even if after work. I am crazy about health. I love to exercise and keeping fit. I love nature and time I spent on fresh air, far away from the city! If I want to stop thinking about work , my method is a good book. Especially fantasy that will take me to totally different world.


R. I’ve been really enjoying reading more lately also, it’s so easy to get caught up in the “city” life, it’s nice, like you said, to escape to a different world sometimes.

We are often constantly working on our purpose, or trying to discover it. Have you discovered yours?

E. I sure did. In a tough moments, at work, when I am in doubts I always come back to it. The reason I created Resibo was that I wanted to convince more and more people to natural cosmetics. I want them to be aware that what we put on our skin is not neutral for our organism. And often this natural awareness people start to apply in different aspects of life and this is such a amazing thing for me and I stick to it and keep doing what I am doing.

R. Yes! I love this, awareness is so vitally important – especially when it comes to not only what goes into our bodies but what we are putting on it.

What would you say is your favourite part of the day?

E. Many different ones 😊 I love those slow mornings with my family, but I also love summer evenings, when the sun sets late and creates beautiful colours on the sky – I am a bit maniac about it 😉

R. There is nothing more beautiful, I believe, than watching the sun set and the sky dance with colour – my favourite!

What does your beauty routine look like?

E. It is quite developed actually- it is like a evening korean ritual with a use of Resibo products obviously. In the morning though instead of two-step cleansing I am using cleansing gel or just a toner depending on the need. Once a week, usually on Sunday I do a face peeling as well as I apply a mask. In autumn I try to visit a beautician a few times, but in case of lack of time I am just using a stronger skincare products to keep my skin nourished.


R. I had a delightful skincare treatment in Hawaii and made a promise to myself I was going to go once a month. Do you think I have? No! Ha! I need to get onto that, but like you mentioned, time is always at play!

What is your go-to skincare or make up product?

Definitely it is gonna be the Cleansing Oil by Resibo – the savior of my skin and multifunctional product that also nourishes my body and hair.

R. I have heard so many people raving about the Cleansing Oil, I must try this – it’s on my list to purchase!

What is your favourite place in the world?

E. I love to travel and there is many of such a places. In Poland I love Mazury region the most which is the  lake district with its pristine nature. I love to return to Swiss Alps as well as the coast of Adriatic in Croatia.


R. That sounds like pure perfection! Travel is always so high on everyone’s list!

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us, and for allowing me to try your gorgeous range of products. As I mentioned above, the Nourishing Cream is just divine.

If you would like to learn more about Resibo, you can do so here or via instagram @resibobynature

Next week we are chatting with Micaela, a make up artist from Melbourne, Australia who specialises in non-toxic and clean make up.

Have an incredible week team!


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