Breakfast at Turning Point, Ripponlea

Turning Point in Ripponlea has one of the most insta-grammable (not a word, I made it up!) dishes out of all the cafes in Melbourne – the Point of No Return. Of course, I will touch more on this dish further, but I will say it is incredible the amount of creativity that has gone into this.

Turning. Point is located opposite Ripponlea Station, so easy to get too if you are without a car. The space inside is divine, with beautiful touches of wood throughout, lush greenery and a wine cellar that would make anyone jealous.


There is also an incredibly impressive neon sign, “Meet Me Here” which of course is aimed at those that love to capture every moment for instagram (me!) but it also lights up the room.


Ok, onto the food. Let’s start with the crowd favourite, the Point of No Return – $16.50

Made with apple yoghurt oats, house-made buckwheat, puffed quinoa and nut granola, mango puree, raspberry compote & mango sorbet this dish screams summer. As mentioned it’s all in the creativity with this dish. The dish is presented on beautiful wood chips, you then pour boiling water onto the wood chips where beautiful smoke then wafts out from under the dish – STUNNING!

Photos just don’t do it justice. Oh, it’s delicious too!


One of my New Years resolutions was to stop eating meat, again, so we opted for the Avocado Smash – $18. What I’m finding lately is so many places are adding peas to the avocado, which is a cost cutting measure to bulk out the avocado. It does taste good, but I prefer straight avo! Lucky for us, Turning Point deliver straight avocado!

The Avocado Smash was served on lightly toasted rye with herbs and feta plus house-made pesto and seeds. It was so good, that feta rocks this dish, I added a poached egg because the day is not complete without a little egg-yolk porn!


Another dish I wanted to try was the Pina Colada Granola Bowl – $17, as it’s served in a coconut bowl ha! So cool, so pretty and again super creative.

With a coconut cream pudding, toasted buckwheat and coconut granola , pineapple, blackberry, elderflower and a Pina Colada popsicle it is a wonderful summer dish. My Husband did mention, he felt the blackberry over powered the dish slightly. I loved the coconut cream pudding, nice and smooth!


We also enjoyed two of the juices as we are both still recovering from a nasty flu.

I enjoyed the Down to Earth while Husband enjoyed the Citrus Squeeze – both $9


I thoroughly enjoyed our visit, I found the food affordable, tasty and as mentioned 1000 times, beautifully presented.


Pop this on your next #melbournetodo list, or better yet “Meet me Here”.

You can find the full menu on the website www.turningpointripponleal.com or check out the food porn for yourself on their instagram @turningpointripponlea

Enjoy guys!


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