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Meet the Makers – Micaela from Holistic Make Up

I met Micaela late last year when she invited me to meet with her and to have my make up done by herself. Micaela reached out as our values are aligned with a non-toxic lifestyle, clean beauty and cruelty free products.

Micaela is a professional make up artist based in Melbourne and uses Jane Iredale products which are known for being clean and cruelty free. It’s also been reported that Meghan Markle uses the Jane Iredale Peaches & Cream Highlighter – which is what Micaela used on me when she did my make up!

Micaela (image from @the_holistic_makeup_artist

R. Thank you so much for joining us on Meet the Makers, I know you have a lot on your plate with the arrival of your new Bub this month!
Tell us, what lead you to creating a business around clean & cruelty free beauty?

M. I was managing a skin clinic, doing a bit of makeup on the side (as I have for 20 years), and was totally into the clean beauty options. I found this real groundswell of women who would come into the clinic and be looking for non-toxic products, whether they had super sensitive skin or living an organic life or were vegan. I felt like there was this real disconnect between these clients and mainstream makeup artists who, traditionally, care about the here-and-now efficacy of a product, not what it’s in.

I’m also a natural-look makeup artist; my aim is I want to see your skin, your natural beauty, not cake you up in makeup. I’ve always attracted women who favoured the natural aesthetic.

So, I saw a gap in the market for a clean-beauty makeup artist who gives a natural look.

R. I am a massive make up lover, all styles and levels of glam but I absolutely adored that glow you achieved on me!
If you weren’t glamming the people of Melbourne, what would you be doing?

M. I love yoga and meditation and healthy living (all connected to holistic makeup artistry, I feel) so I’d be studying and / or teaching meditation. I think I could probably do this in conjunction with my business?

R. You’re right, you could tie all of those aspects into each other and offer a rounded health-based service. What an idea!
What do you find the biggest challenge in business is?

M. I think as small business owner you’ve got to be really self-propelling and self-promoting. This takes energy! Also, I love meeting people and I’m very outgoing  but I’m not crazy about selling myself. I guess it’s finding the happy place where you can make meaningful connections with people without being inauthentic or self-serving.

R. I’ve found that in any role I’ve had, and most of those are sales based, you really need to be your true self in order to be able to help people or even find the their need – sometimes its selling yourself, and I agree it can be tough to do!
Have you had to deal with negativity as a professional make up artist? 

M. Hmmm I don’t come across too much. I think not taking things personally and being able to separate yourself from your work is vital. I’m not the makeup artist for everyone. If you want Kardashian-level contouring or super thick makeup, I’m not your girl.

R. How important are organic natural ingredients to your business?

Central! It’s all about the clean and green! I think it’s a lofty ambition to live a completely non-tox life (I try!) but what I love about beauty now is you can take charge and really keep it organic, vegan and cruelty-free.  I started using organic products probably 12 years ago and there were many limitations in their textures and options and colours, not so today! You’re missing out on nothing switching to clean beauty.


R. I couldn’t agree more, the only thing different is whether the products are made with harmful ingredients or those tested on animals – both no one would want to use.
Are you currently working on anything new or exciting?

M. Well I have been growing a baby for the last 7 months, so that’s my next project! I’m planning on having eight months off next year to care for the little bundle but there will absolutely be some research and travel within that time. I’m planning on trip the US mid-year to do some training and attend some clean beauty seminars.

R. What an exciting project – the arrival of your new bubba, I bet you are so excited!
Outside of work, tell us about any other interests you may have?

My work is creative and sociable but not cerebral,  so I like to in to stretch my brain in my spare time. I like political or social long form journalism, historical or literary fiction. I also love yoga and meditation.

R. I often touch on purpose and gratitude, have you found your purpose?

M. It’s very basic, but I like to be healthy and look polished and as pretty as I can in a really natural way. My purpose is helping other women with that, and the confidence that comes from that. Not madly fixating on looks or perfection but just having these simple little tips to feel good.

R. Where do you draw inspiration from? What inspires you?

M. Colours and textures in nature, and people, and food. Is that a bit abstract?

Micaela (image from @the_holistic_makeup_artist

R. I love escaping to the bush to see the different colours, the leaves dancing. There really is so much beauty around us!
Talk us through your self-care routine.

M. My whole self care has changed since becoming pregnant; I’ve scaled back the intense workouts and fast yoga and focus more on sleep and gentle stretching and walking. I think it’s really important to hone in on what you need that day, that moment as much as over the longer term.

R. Now you’re all about the beauty, walk us through your beauty routine.

M. Again, it’s switched up with pregnancy and is now all about moisture as my skin has become super dry. I use a hyaulronic acid morning and night, with  the RMS beauty oil and Skin Food by Weleda and Tata Harper eye cream.

I use an Organic nation rice bran scrub a few times a week (face and all over), and lather coconut oil and ecotan body moisturiser all over (especially my legs and bump). I’m still trying the find the right cleanser.  I’ve been trying Tata Harper and Drunk Elephant and few others but none are creamy enough for my needs at the moment: the search continues!

R. I picked up a Korres one in Hawaii that is nice and creamy, but you can’t buy it here. It’s a Greek Yoghurt one, perhaps you can try to pick it up on your mid-year trip!
What are your go to make up choices.

M. RMS, Jane Iredale and Ilia, all day everyday and always on my clients.

R. I am now obsessed with the Jane Iredale Peaches and Cream Highlighter! Thank you for introducing me to this beautiful brand.
Final question, where is your favourite place in the world to travel too?

M. I have two: New York City and Wategos beach, Byron Bay. NYC doesn’t sound very relaxing, but honestly, I love the buzz and find that the city and the people, the art, the food, everything so stimulating. And I’ve always loved beaches and Wategos is the best!


R. I absolutely adored my make up you did for me late last year, thank you again for taking time out to have a chat with us.
I wish you the best of luck on your next journey, life as a mama! Your warm, caring personality will no doubt see you exceeding in this next role.

If you would like to connect with the beautiful Micaela, you can via instagram @the_holistic_makeup_artist

Have a great week all!


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