Breakfast at Short Straw, Hawthorn

Popping along to Short Straw in Hawthorn one early Sunday morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find a space that was full of light. This is great for me as it means I’ll be able to get some great photos ha! However it also creates a beautiful ambience, perfect for  brunching, chatting and laughing with friends.

I also enjoy the communal dining table towards the back as the white brick wall provides a beautiful backdrop.


I have visited Short Straw before, a few years back and was excited to return to try a few different menu items. It’s always so hard deciding what to get and in this instance even harder as everything sounds so good!


Not Your Mama’s Oats – $15.50
I ordered the based off how pretty the Matcha Ice Cream looks in photos – haha! I was pleasantly surprised though as this dish was jam-packed full of flavour.

Think apple yoghurt oats with a house-made puffed quinoa, buckwheat & nut granola, stone fruits & matcha ice cream – so many delicious elements.

The dish runs the risk of being on the dry side however the ice cream provides a delicious alternative to milk. Providing each mouthful of delicious granola and oats, the right amount of moisture.


Glorious Greens – $18.50
It was a tough decision between the Glorious Greens and the Garden of Eden however in the end the Glorious Greens won as they had me at “whipped ricotta”, which I actually read as “whipped goats cheese” but I still really enjoyed it. A simple dish, that was beautifully presented. We added a poached egg for a hit of protein.

Glorious Greens also had grilled broccolini & asparagus, crispy chickpeas, confit garlic crushed peas, burnt onion, radish & truffled balsamic. The crispy chickpeas were so good, they added a delightful nutty crunch.


Wild Mushrooms – $16.50
We had tried this dish before, and I recall that I was still a little hungry after it. While it’s delicious, I would love to see a few more pieces of that delicious crispy polenta – it’s so good, you just want to keep eating it.


I enjoyed the combination of slow cooked chilli & garlic wild mushrooms, the truffle cream is so good. I could drink this on its own, which is why I would love to see additional polenta pieces.

We added a poached egg to this dish also.


Breakfast wouldn’t be complete without drinks. We both decided on a smoothie to add some extra protein and nutrients. Both were $9 and we chose;

  • Breakfast Bonanza with pea protein, banana, berries, oats, almond milk and cinnamon.
  • Green Goddess with pea protein, spinach, banana, kale, avocado, honey, almond milk.


A great spot for breakfast,I recommend popping along to Short Straw. The Stacks on Waffles are a must try also, although I warn you, they are almost to pretty too eat.

To check out more #foodporn pictures, head to Short Straws instagram @shortstrawhawthorn or on their website http://www.shortstraw.com.au.

Have a great Wednesday!


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