Lunch at Drumplings, Melbourne CBD

I have a confession to make. I am absolutely OBSESSED with Dumplings. So obsessed, that people at work ask me if I’ll be posting about it each day ha!

I believe Drumplings is the coolest idea since sliced bread. In the fast-paced foodie world, where you need creativity to succeed – Drumplings delivers.

Located on Bourke Street, right near the Bourke/Elizabeth Tram Stop and within walking distance to Flinders, Melbourne Central and Parliament sits the beautiful Drumplings.

You enter to a massive communal table down the middle of the space, kitchen to the right and more seating to the left. It’s decked out in the coolest pink wallpaper, lots of Monsterra print scatter cushions and lots of natural light.

img_1861 Both times I’ve visited, I’ve sat in their courtyard. In the middle is a gorgeous tree, and more seating, but you are surrounded by some pretty cool graffiti art. This also makes for a perfect backdrop.


The day we visited was an extremely warm day, we opted for a Good Brew Kombucha over an alcoholic drink however I will say, Drumplings deliver good cocktails. The Cocktail Menu is creative and on par with the rest of the dishes.


We were lucky to try one of each of the Signature Dumplings. They included

  • Cheeseburger
  • Mac n Cheese
  • Chilli Con Carne
  • Truffle Mushroom
  • Chicken Laksa
  • Beef Rendang
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Aussie Beef Pie

They are so freaking good. Honestly, all of them excelled expectations and are just so creative. The only one that I wasn’t a big fan of, much to the crowds disapproval, was the Mac n Cheese. Please note this is just my opinion as this is a crowd favourite, I’m just not fond of the texture.

I absolutely loved the Truffle Mushroom and the Pepperoni Pizza, both were just bursting with flavour.

The Aussie Beef Pie is the cutest, with sauce and a little crispy chip to give you the crunch of a pie.

Next we tried a selection of the Traditional Dumplings. I hadn’t thought to order from this side of the menu as I get so carried away with Signature Dumplings ha!

I will say this, the Xiao Long Bao is the best I’ve ever had. For those not a dumping wizard, the Xiao Long Bao are known for being soupy. You eat it whole and when you bite into it, this delicious soup explodes in your mouth – delicious.

The Spinach and Prawn was another favourite, with plenty of prawn – this makes me super happy!


Did you know Dumplings are considered an ancient food, dating back to 225 AD. Dumplings are also not an Asian dish, many other countries have their own versions such as Africa, Nepal and Latin America.


To finish our incredible Dumpling feast, we ended with 3 dessert dumplings.

  • Lemon Meringue
  • Nutella
  • Apple Pie

I have to say, the Lemon Meringue was my absolute favourite out of the deserts. It was tart and tangy, just like your classic Lemon Meringue and I was able to dip it in a delicious berry coulis. It was a great way to end the meal as it really refreshed the palette.


Thank you so much to the team at Drumplings for having us. All of the staff were so friendly, and helpful. Our team member was happy to discuss in detail his favourite dumplings and why, which I loved.

Another thing I loved was when I left, the staff said a collective farewell and I have to say all staff are so genuine.

Melbournians and visitors to this great city, put this on your must do list. It is such a great place to visit!

You can read more about Drumplings on their website www.drumplings.com and also on their instagram @drumplings.

Happy Friday!


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