Brunch at St Rose, Essendon

Oh St Rose, you are beautiful anytime of day. Your entry into the cafe is welcoming and the staff are so lovely. This beautiful cafe is located directly across the road from Essendon Train Station.

Having dined at St Rose early in 2017, I knew what to expect – seriously good food, in a casual and relaxed environment. Casual being the key word, there is nothing pretentious about St Rose.


Seating inside and outside, the interior is lush with pops of green around the cafe, wooden seating and a stunning light installation on the wall.


Of course, I just had to order the Beetroot & Hibiscus Latte with free-dried raspberries on top. It’s delicious, plus hibiscus is known for its anti-aging properties!


Maple Ricotta Hotcake – $17.00
I really wanted to try the Chocolate Taco, unfortunately I had just missed out on trying this dish by only a couple of days.

The staff however assured me that their newest item, Ricotta & Maple Hotcakes were the best yet and I wouldn’t be disappointed. They were so right. These babies, were the best hotcakes I’ve ever had. Filled with ricotta, and smothered in mango curd and vanilla cream they are just too good!


Salmon & The Rye – $19.00
A crowd favourite, I’ve enjoyed this dish at the sister restaurant in Ivanhoe, Pinkie. They have mastered the flavours with this dish, combining yummy cream cheese with perfectly cooked salmon and dill. Finish it with a spritz of lemon and jump right in.

The rye is a perfect choice of bread for this dish, it’s a light dish and one I really enjoy coming back too.


Corn & Halloumi Fritters – $18.00
My dining partner enjoyed this dish, especially the crispy corn fritters and a side of hash brown. A substantial dish, the use of the carrot puree not only provides a pop of colour but also adds another texture to the dish. Served with bacon however I don’t believe it would be an issue to have it without.


An all-round delicious brunching experience, meals are a great size for the price and service is swift.

St Rose is a must-try if you are in the Essendon area.

You can connect with St Rose via their website www.strosecafe.com or on instagram @strosecafe

Happy Wednesday all!


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