Lunch at Dish & Spoon Camberwell

I am going to go as far and say, Dish & Spoon Camberwell has been one of my stand out cafes for 2019. Look I know it’s only February and I have many more foodie adventures to take part in but this place was seriously good.

I also absolutely adore the owners, Eli & her Husband who are so passionate about the food they are serving. I was lucky to spend some time chatting with Eli when I was there, I loved listening to her talk about the food and their take on the dishes they are serving. Honestly, I could have chatted with her all day.

In exciting news for the Dish & Spoon team, they have recently partnered with One Plate with $1.00 from every Vegan Breakfast sold going towards initiatives to fund and support sustainable food projects for those in developing countries. I absolutely love this concept! #foodiesunite

I’m really loving cafes that take their food to the next level, that don’t just offer your stock standard Eggs Benedict. They take the dish to the next level, they evolve the dish and they own it.

That’s exactly what Dish& Spoon have done, never have I had three standout dishes absolutely blow my mind away. The flavours exploded in my mouth, it left me wanting more and it has got me telling anyone who passes me by, that they need to get themselves down to Dish & Spoon ASAP.


At Dish & Spoon, they are serving up delicious Campos Coffee, who first started roasting back in 1997 in Sydney. With years of experience and knowledge in roasting, you know you are in for a great coffee. On this visit, we decided against the standard cappuccino and went with two of the specials, a decision I was so happy with!

The team also serve complimentary sparkling water – so good!


The two drinks we ordered were the “Black and White” which was made using Campos cold black superior, chilled milk foam, panel & coco ($6.50). I absolutely loved this drink, it was so chilled and perfect for the warm afternoon. The coco balanced the coffee and I found it enjoyable to drink.

The second was the Cascara Iced Tea ($7.00), made with dried coffee cherries, yes folks the coffee bean grows in a delicious cherry, stepped with fruits & honey and served over ice. I was lucky that I had tried the coffee cherries while in Kauai but was over the moon to try it as a drink. There is a gentle coffee taste, but it is sweetened with the honey. Again, a really refreshing drink that I urge you to try!

Also, see those straws? They are made from corn syrup with 10% of sales of the straws going to ocean clean up projects – how cool is that!


Beetroot, Tomato & Parmasen Gnocchi – $21.00
Ok, hold the phone. This gnocchi is the best I’ve ever had. EVER. Fluffy pillows of gnocchi that melt in your mouth and burst with cheesy flavour from the parmesan. You then take a little fluffy gnocchi and pair it with a little pesto and goat’s curd and you are literally transported to taste bud heaven. Due to my Lapland, I generally can only eat a little gnocchi, normally 6-8 pieces, but let me tell you on this occasion I nearly demolished the whole plate.

Potted Salad – $19.00
Oh the Potted Salad, the must-try dish and one that was created for Instagram. While I didn’t eat the little soldiers, I will tell you this. I munched my way through the potted salad, enjoying the pickled veggies and the taste of the pumpkin hommus with olive pumpernickel & dehydrated black grape soil. Such creativity, with so many elements.


Middle Eastern Scramble – $18.00
I admit, never have I tried scrambled eggs like these. Filled with delicious spices, a sujuk crumb and served alongside a garlic sumac yoghurt it is a seriously hearty dish. I love the freshness the coriander brings and combining the scrambled eggs with the yoghurt is a winning combination. The addition of the Turkish bread with walnut butter is perfect and adds another creative element.


I also love that Dish & Spoon, the menu generally is meatless. Sure you can add your bacon etc, if you really want it, but it shows you can have seriously good food without meat.

As I mentioned above, Dish & Spoon is an absolute standout. They are serving hearty meals, where Eli & her team will ensure you don’t leave hungry. I cannot recommend Dish & Spoon more highly, I absolutely love this place!

Reach out to Eli & the team via instagram @dishandspooncamberwell or via the website www.dishandspooncafe.com.au to see some serious #foodporn.

Let me know where you would like me to brunch next!

Happy Friday!


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