Lunch at Sebastian Food & Wine, Hampton

I had a week off between finishing and starting my new job, which meant lots of of yummy breakfasts, brunches and lunches ha!

One place I was lucky to visit was the beautiful Sebastian’s Food & Wine in Hampton, with its welcoming interior and cozy leather seating. Located close to the train station, yet I never heard a single train!


I kicked the afternoon’s proceedings off with Lemon, Elderflower, Lime & Mint Spritzer for $8. Super refreshing and easy to drink, I loved how it was presented with plenty of mint. Refreshing on the palette too!


Forever searching for the perfect potato hash, the El Benedicto $21 was calling my name. Especially when the potato rosti is house made and served with baby spinach, broccolini, poached eggs, Béarnaise and Tasmanian smoked salmon (or shaved ham).

The potato rosti was so crispy and divine and I loved the Bèarnaise which was deliciously creamy with a hint of spice. The red cabbage was delightful accompaniment also and helped cut through the heavy Bèarnaise when needed.


I was really excited to try the Medly Tomato Bruschetta $19 but I was a little sad. I think in my head, I envisioned a traditional bruschetta with lots of balsamic that makes your top lip curl but makes you want to keep eating it.

Served with baby spinach, balsamic reduction, goats curd, avocado and poached eggs on grilled multigrain, I would have loved a little more tang.

I must say, both the avocado and the goats curd serving sizes were plentiful and I thoroughly enjoyed those with the dish!


One simply does not go to lunch without ordering hotcakes. It just can’t be done.

Sebastian’s Food & Wine knows how to do hotcakes $19.50 and this bad boy is no exception, served with mascarpone Persian floss and organic rose petals – I even spotted a candied hibiscus flower which made me extremely happy! They taste so good!


The Hotcake is plentiful and delicious, I loved the generous fruit and the presentation is stunning. The Hotcake itself is fluffy and cooked to perfection.

Also did I mention the candied hibiscus flower? YUM!


A standout cafe in Hampton serving fresh produce, Sebastian’s Food & Wine have created such a pleasant atmosphere.

You can reach out to the team at Sebastian’s via their website www.sebastiansfoodandwine.com.au or via their instagram @sebastiansfoodandwine

Happy Monday!


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