Breakfast at No 19. Society, Ascot Vale

I’ve written about the very fabulous No.19 Society before, albeit a long time ago.

No.19 Society in Ascot Vale is super popular with Melbourne foodies, and with good reason. Creative dishes, that push the boundaries with what could expect at brunch.

A super stylish interior, delicious coffee and is brought to you by the people behind Pinkie in Ivanhoe and St Rose & Bowls Baby in Essendon – Domenic and Diana Caruso.

The theme is concrete chic with plush blue velvet seating and transports me to another time.


No.19 Society’s take on traditional pancakes, their “sweet offering was the Strawberry Cheesecake $18.50 and served with strawberry consommè, passionfruit and ginger curd, lemon marshmallow, sesame tulip and vanilla ice cream.

OMG. Where do I even begin to describe this dish, the strawberry consummè literally rocked my word. It was so so good, and I even got hints of ginger from it. I also loved the lemon marshmallows, they were so delicious, and packed a punch.

Did I feel naughty having cheesecake for breakfast? Yes! Was it worth it? HELLS YEAH!


The Soba Noodle Salad $17.50 also had a killer consummè, these guys know how to whip up these intense and deep flavours. Served with citrus cured Atlantic salmon, cucumber, daikon, pickled red onion, sesame, pea tendrils, soy egg and of course delicious soba noodles.

It was incredibly light, refreshing and easy to eat. I love the freshness to the ingredients they used and the salmon was cured perfectly.

A great serving size and well worth the price.


Our third dish was aptly named Mushrooms $19.50, with seasonal mushrooms, mushroom pate, Monterey Jack cheddar, hazelnut crumb, broccolini, alfalfa, lemon thyme, poached egg and served on grain toast.

Loved the portion of mushroom pate, it was extremely rich and I wouldn’t have needed more than that. It was wonderful combining that with the mushrooms and grain toast, a little of the cheese and I was in heaven.

The little poached egg is hidden, but it was cooked perfectly and was all gooey and delicious.


Overall, it was a superb dining experience and a true example why I am absolutely obsessed with the Melbourne food scene and No.19 Society plus everything that the Caruso’s do!

Pate and Cheesecake at breakfast, consummès full of intense flavour and perfect ingredients makes this place a winner.


You can read more about No.19 Society on their website www.no19.com.au or say hello over on their instagram @no.19society.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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