Dinner at Lemongrass Thai, Carlton

Back to our favourite Thai restaurant, Lemongrass Thai in Carlton, a few weeks back for yet another incredibly delicious royal feast.

Getting things moving with our favourite cocktails, the Lychee Daiquri and the Siamese Princess. Both of these cocktails are so delicious!!

This time we also were lucky to try two of their fruit mocktails, which was great as I love a good mocktail. The vibrant red mocktail used a Thai fruit called Sala which is also known as snake fruit. So refreshing, and it had such a great sweetness to it.

Perfect to enjoy after a warm day to cool down with!


On our visit to Lemongrass Thai, we were lucky to try quite a few things we didn’t have last time. One of those being the Vegetable Spring Rolls ($2.70 each, minimum 3). There are massive, and full of the most delicious vegetables. Served with a mild sweet chilli sauce they were wonderful to start with.


Money Bags ($4.50 each, minimum 3), also known as Toong tong. It comes from the Thai word meaning golden bags. I enjoyed these so much, bursting with flavour and were so golden and crunchy! They were filled with crab and prawn – heaven!


Paula, the Head Chef at Lemongrass Thai, was so lovely and went out of her way to make me Tofu in Chilli Basil ($18.80) and took her time to explain to me how this dish is made. Outside is a delicious crispy texture, inside is the soft tofu. Perfectly spiced with the chilli and basil – I loved this so much!


As I am now back to only eating veggies and seafood, Paula presented us with the delicious Chilli Soft Shell Crab ($38.80), which was incredibly crispy yet the flavoursome crab was perfect on the taste buds. I didn’t find this overly spicy, and went perfectly with a little boiled rice.


One for the meat-eater in the party, Paula took care of him by presenting the table with the speciality Roast Lamb Shanks in Massaman Peanut Curry ($33.50). The meat simply fell away from the bone and was so tender. My guest mentioned in was so full of flavour and the peanut sauce matched the roast lamb nicely.


Who goes to a Thai Restaurant and DOESN’T order a Pad Thai? No one I know, it’s the classic staple that one must simply order when they are out for dinner. The Lemongrass Thai Pad Thai ($23.80 for prawns only), this Pad Thai is something special though.

Stir-fried rice noodles with prawn, egg and tofu with the perfect amount of crushed peanuts on top and the a slice of lemon was perfectly balanced with the chives. So fresh!


Next it was time for dessert, and at Lemongrass Thai it’s a must to leave room for it! Last time we were blown away by the incredible desserts, this visit was no exception.

Firstly we were treated to the Sago ($10.80) with taro and black bean, in a beautifully creamy coconut milk. I am simply in love with this dish, the creaminess from the coconut makes me so happy!


We also were treated to the Grilled Banana Sticky Rice ($14.80), which again blew my mind. I could only eat a little of this, as I have trouble digesting rice in general, but I am so glad I could have some of this. Again, the flavours are incredible. The grilled sweet sticky rice is made with banana and served with coconut ice cream and black bean. HEAVEN!


The food at Lemongrass Thai is an absolute standout, all of the ingredients and produce is so incredibly fresh and the team are so thoughtful and welcoming. I feel at home every time I visit this beautiful restaurant.


If you haven’t yet visited Lemongrass Thai then I thoroughly recommend you put this on your must try list. The food will blow your mind, you will leave with bellies full of delicious food and smiles from ear to ear.

Find out more about Lemongrass Thai on their website www.lemongrassrestaurant.com.au or via their instagram @lemongrassmelbourne

Happy Tuesday!


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