Lunch at Touchwood Cafe, Richmond

I’ve been finding myself ending up in Richmond quite a but lately. I was never really familiar with the area but it is really growing on me!

A few weeks back, I found myself in Richmond again and after jumping off the 75 tram from Flinders St Station and spending a bomb at Adairs, I popped across the road to Touchwood Cafe.

The space at Touchwood Cafe is incredible, with outdoor seating at the front and to the back with a beautiful bright and airy space in between. There is plenty of seating and even an open kitchen so you can watch the chefs at work.


My dining partner and I decided to start with a Doctor C Coldpressed Juice $7 with grapefruit, carrot, mint, orange and lemon which was supersized and well priced.

I ordered the Pink Paradise Smoothie $12 with guava, raspberry, lime, mint, chia, lychee and passionfruit. I enjoyed this as the tart passionfruit paired nicely with the raspberry and lychee.


We decided to order one breakfast dish and one lunch dish, it was the afternoon so it seemed fitting for brunch.

The first dish was the Hickory Smoked Mushroom $18.50, I picked this as I was excited about the haloumi. I had been having a craving for it, unfortunately I was a little disappointed as it was tiny chopped up bits mixed with the avocado. It also meant that the sweetness from the onion jam overpowered the dish a little.

I did however love the smoked mushrooms, they were delicious and cooked nicely. The poached eggs were cooked perfectly and provided for some gooey egg porn.


Now, things got a little cray when they team member delivered to our table the Californian Superfood Salad $16 plus $2.50 for tuna. THIS SALAD WAS UNREAL!
A massive bowl full of quinoa, shredded kale (which I could eat as it was cut so finely), wild organic rice (not too much!), coriander, charred corn, ricotta, black turtle beans, goji berries, 
jalapeños and a spicy lime vinaigrette – I am not kidding when I say this was seriously good food!


I actually took the remainder home with me and ate it for dinner. I wish I was eating it right now haha, and I will need to take a visit back soon to have more of this incredible dish!


I enjoyed my visit to Touchwood Cafe, the only thing I would ask for is more haloumi on the Hickory Smoked Mushroom dish – maybe that’s because I am a piggy though haha!

You can find the full menu on their website www.touchwoodcafe.com,also reach out to them on instagram @touchwoodcafe for more yummy foodporn pictures!

Happy Thursday!


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