Product Review – Zudoya Jade Roller

After an action packed day yesterday, it was wonderful to get home and take my Zudoya Jade Roller from the fridge and put it to work on my face.

I’ve been using the Zudoya Jade Roller for a few weeks now and couldn’t be happier. As I mentioned above, I love using it straight from the fridge as not only does the Jade Roller work to reduce inflammation and puffiness, I find the coolness from the tool adds a little something to it.


The Jade Roller is currently retailing for $69.99 but as I write this, is on sale for $45.97 with free shipping.

The Zudoya Jade Roller comes in a stunning gift box and would make the perfect gift. It also comes with a little bag so you can pop your roller in the fridge to cool it before use.


I will not deny that I have used a filter in the above photo ha!

However I thought this was a great photo to show you where I love to use my Jade Roller. I mainly use the smaller end under my eyes, the larger end above my brows and on my jawline.


I thoroughly recommend the Zudoya Jade Roller, it’s perfect for any self-care routine and is an extra step you can add to your beauty routine.

After all, we should all be setting aside time to look after ourselves.

You can read more about the Zudoya Jade Roller here

Let me know if you have included a Jade Roller in your beauty routine and any tips you may have.

Happy Monday!


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