Product Review – Amazing Oils, Magnesium Range

For over a month now I have been trialling a range of Magnesium products from Amazing Oils and I have to say I’m hooked.


Since starting my journey to a healthy and happier lifestyle, regular gym workouts have left me with aching muscles and combined with my iron and vitamin D deficiency, it takes my muscles so long to recover. I also suffer from severe cramps in my legs plus restless leg syndrome.

Including magnesium in our lifestyle may assist with body pain, migraines & headaches, joint pain and even skin health.

There are several products in this range, however I have been trialling the following;

Magnesium Gel Roll-On
Magnesium Oil Spray
Magnesium Bath Flakes

I have to say I adore the Magnesium Gel Roll-On, it’s fuss free and so easy to use. Plus I can even apply it to my back without getting it everywhere.

I love using the Bath Flakes too, especially post-workout in a freezing cold bath – although not sure how much longer that will last now we are coming into winter.


Since using the range, I have found the length of time to bounce back post-workout has reduced, however in saying that I do take supplements to support my iron and vitamin deficiency.

I do enjoy how easy it is to incorporate magnesium into my lifestyle and will continue to reach for this range, especially the roll-on (plus it’s so easy to throw in the handbag).

Enjoy the read!


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