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Product Review – Devine Oils

When writing a review, I love to read the “about us” section on the brand’s website to find out a little more about the maker and their why. I just love hearing about people’s passions and to see people living their dreams.

The founder, Louise Devine has quite an interesting bio. I was able to learn that Louise moved to Australia in 2006 with her daughter which coincided with her brand, Devine Oils being born.

Without even trying the products, I fell in love immediately with the use of glass to hold the products in rather than plastic – helping reduce their environmental footprint.

Scent is important to me, I really enjoy using products that are scented. Luckily I don’t suffer from irritable skin. I find the range, that uses essential oils gentle on my skin – and they smell great!


All products are made the day before they are sent out, to ensure the products received are at their freshest and most potent. They are also vegan, palm oil free and do not contain parabens.

The below product photos are of the trial size products, however the price quoted is for the full size. Louise does have trial kits available on her website located here;

Palm Oil Free Cream Cleanser – $49.50
As the name suggests the Palm Oil Free Cream Cleanser has a lovely creamy base, with one of the main ingredients noted being Aloe Vera. I like to use this cleanser for my 2nd cleanse, mainly to breathe in the beautiful essential oils of Frankincense and Sweet Fennel.


Light Day Oil and Night Oil Treatment – Detox & Repair, both $44.50
I love, LOVE face oils (second to cleansers ha!) rather than using a moisturiser. I find my skin loves oils, and it especially loved the Night Oil Treatment, with its subtle scent. It is the perfect oil for sleeping, sending me off to the land of nod.

I found the Light Day Oil lived up to its name and was lighter in consistency. I found the scent slightly stronger than the Night Oil Treatment but still enjoyable. I love using this on the weekend when I don’t wear any make up and my skin can breathe.


Soothing Eye Serum – $45.00
Easy to use and perfect in the little pump bottle, I found a lot went a long way. The Soothing Eye Serum has a mild scent and a creamy texture. I found subtle changes to the skin under eyes, it felt hydrated with visible elasticity.


Pore Minimiser Nourish & Repair and Open Pore Serum Detox & Repair, $49.50
Like many, I do suffer from open pores especially on my nose. I was excited to try both of these serums in the hope they helped reduce the size of them. Both serums have a gel texture and like the eye serum you do only need a tiny amount.

The serums dry quickly and felt light weight on my skin.


I really love this brand, the products are made with great natural ingredients. They are also doing great things for the environment, as I mentioned, by using glassware for the products rather than plastic.

Louise has extensive knowledge with what works best for the skin, including tried and tested formulations. I’m pleased to have been introduced to this brand as I will now be a regular, especially that cleanser!

Pop on over to check out the full range and drop Louise an email if you have any questions, I’m sure she would love to hear from you.


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Product Review – Qasil Organics, Qasil Facial Mask

Several weeks ago I received an email from the owner of Qasil Organics. I was immediately intrigued by the name and wondered to myself, what exactly is Qasil and what does it mean?

Qasil Organics offered to send across a mask to try, and after some research of the Qasil leaf – I was keen to try something that sounded interesting and different. It arrived in the cutest box also, so beautifully presented – I was excited to see a product as beautiful as the packaging!

A quick look under the “About Us”section on the Qasil website, provides some interesting information as to what makes this wonderful product.

The leaves from the “Gob” tree, found in East Africa, are taken and crushed and made into a paste. It’s raw and unprocessed – which I love. It smells natural, like the bush and has a real earthy smell to it.

The Qasil Face Mask is free of parabens, sulphates, silicones or fragrances, and is made up of organic ingredients.

Priced at $25.00 for 100ml, a little goes a long way!

I used a face mask spatula to apply the mask to my face. With the consistency being runny,  I find it easy to smooth across my face, yet it doesn’t drip or make a mess.

The directions call to leave the mask on for 30 minutes, it doesn’t dry completely or become “stiff” on my face which was perfect as I hate that dry mask feeling. I generally leave this on for 20 minutes as part of my #letsmasktogethersunday routine.

I recommend washing this off in the shower or even bath, as with any mask it can get messy when removing. Once removed my skin feels soft to touch, it doesn’t feel dry or tight. It is also visibly brighter.

New Product Alert!

Photo 1-5-18, 7 41 46 pm_preview.jpegPhoto credit:

Last night, Qasil Organics announced a new product that’s joining the family soon – Qasil Powder. I was so excited when I saw this, as powders are a great mess and fuss free alternative. Allowing you to mix just the right amount of product you need. I just know this is going to be a big hit!

A massive thank you to Qasil Organics for giving me the opportunity to try this wonderful product. Something different, yet worked so perfectly. I love the results I see from using this. I will definitely be purchasing the loose powder once it becomes available to add to my collection.

Head on over to Qasil Organics to check this mask out for yourself!



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Brand Review – Herbae Thylacini

When Dr Karolina “Kaja” Skraskova reached out to me, to try her gorgeous products I was over the moon. We had been following each other for a few months, and I loved seeing her posts. One post caught my eye, that was of the Wattle Seeds & Lavender-Tea Tree Facial Scrub – it sounded like heaven. My long time followers will know, I’m all about the smell. I love products that have essential oils, and yes sometimes fragrance isn’t the best for those for sensitive skin but I love it!

One of my first questions to Kaja was, what does Herbae Thylacini actually mean?
Kaja explained, “Thylacini is actually latin for Tasmanian Tiger, so therefore the name Herbae Thylacini is “herbs of Tasmanian Tiger” – how cool is that!

What I also love, is Kaja’s passion. Someone who is out there, living their dream is inspiring beyond words! Kaja’s knowledge in extensive, having completed her studies as a pharmacist (MSc) and a holistic scientist (PhD), with one of the main reasons being her fascination for how plants and people can heal each other.


The ingredients that go into the Herbae Thylacini range are grown in Kaja’s organic garden on Bruny Island, Tasmania (some ingrediants may need to be sourced from local growers if their produce is not sufficient).
They also seek to use organic materials where possible.

Calendula & Lemon Balm Facial Oil – $38.00 AUD

This is WAY more than just another facial oil. This is a wonder oil! Take 4 to 5 drops and with a splash of water massge into your face in a circular motion. The Facial Oil left my skin feeling plump and hydrated. This has some yummy ingredients;

  • Calendula
  • Lemon Balm
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Sunflower
  • Apricot
  • Almond
  • Avocado

The scent is subtle but pleasant. It’s also crazy that an “oil” didnt leave a greasy residue on my face, it just absorbs straight into the skin.

Chamomile & Leatherwood Honey Salve – $43.00 AUD

I can already tell, this is going to be my winter lifesaver. The one product to rescue me from the cold and windy Melbourne weather! I love the texture of this, and the smell is heaven, anything with honey makes my heart flutter!
I adore how this is non greasy, just now as I type, I used some on my knuckles and cuticles and it has absorbed completely with no oily residue.

Wattle Seeds, Lavender & Tea Tree Scrub -$37.00 AUD

Ok, I have a confession to make. I’m sure, much to Kaja’s horror, I didn’t pay attention to the instructions of mixing this with water and attempted to use it straight – don’t blame me, it just smells so darn good! So kids, don’t be like me, read the instructions!
Take a small amount of the product and mix with a little water to form a paste, the rub into face in a circular motion. The reason it is in this form, as Kaja explained to me, is it ensures the product is more concentrated and you can use it as you need it.

The wattle seeds act as the exfoliant, generally in most exfoliators salt is used (can dry the skin), coffee, sugar and heaven forbid those tiny plastic particles that pollute our waterways.

I  love this scrub. Even the other day, I had such a rough day and all I wanted to do was use this and inhale the gorgeous scent. Such a natural and fresh scent.

I hope you enjoyed my review, I absolutely love this brand. I love the values and most importantly the knowledge that has gone into creating these.

Be sure to pop over to Herbae Thylacini and on Insta, @herbae_thylacini and check out the range for yourself!




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Brand Review – Davroe

A few weeks back I was searching for the perfect hair treatment and popped into my local Hairhouse Warehouse. I had been eyeing off the Davroe line for sometime, knowing their hair products are 100% vegan friendly and that they contained no nasties such as parabens and sulphates. I also love how some of the products contain natural Australian Botanics such as Kakadu Plum and Desert Lime.

Photo 5-3-18, 6 19 52 pm_preview

Jojoba Crème Treatment – $24.95AUD

A mask was the perfect place to start, to get a feel of the brand and product. I chose the Jojoba Crème Treatment as I loved that it contained Jojoba, this oil is perfect for repairing the hair. The instructions were to leave on damp hair for 5 minutes, I never follow the rules and decided on a few hours. My hair was not disappointed, I was left with gorgeous silky hair for days, and minimal frizz (that I normally suffer from).

Photo 17-3-18, 4 24 58 pm_preview

This week I received a wonderful package from Davroe, containing a range of their beautiful products which I am loving! They were so lovely and even included something special to use for my 2000 Instagram Follower Giveaway!

Photo 17-3-18, 5 17 58 pm_preview

Moisture Senses Hydrating Shampoo and Contioner – $27.95 AUD each

I love the shampoo and conditioner so much, and I am now officially hooked. The scent for these is Jasmine, and it is simply divine. My hair feels clean after using the shampoo and it lathers beautifully. The conditioner is silky and allows the comb to run effortlessly through my hair (I roll my head in my sleep, so get knotty easily!).

The shampoo and conditioner also contain argan oil, known to be an extremely hydrating oil.

Photo 17-3-18, 5 15 57 pm_preview

Ends Repair – $22.95 AUD

Along with my knotty hair, I also suffer from frizz. Pretty much as soon as I’ve straightened my hair and I get into the car, all of a sudden my hair is all frizzy! I’ve loved using this, the great thing is, it can be used on either wet or dry hair. It also claims to help with split ends (um yes please!). A little goes a long way, and this handy size is perfect for keeping in the hand bag and using on the go.

Photo 17-3-18, 5 18 38 pm_preview

Thermaprotect – $22.95 AUD

The perfect heat protector, and another step you can to ensure you are protecting you hair when using straighteners and hair dryers. The instructions call for you to use on wet hair, then dry however I used a little on my hands and ran through dry hair before using the straightener. The results were incredible with my hair staying straight throughout the whole day at work!

Photo 17-3-18, 5 16 55 pm_preview

Murray River Sea Salty Spray – $23.95 AUD

A take on the classic beach spray to create waves, this actually uses Murray River Salt as one of the hero ingredients! I find this so cool, as it’s sourced from our own backyard (not mine, Australia’s!). My hair definitely likes to curl, in every which way and I found this lightweight and didn’t make my hair oily!

Photo 17-3-18, 5 19 18 pm_preview

Brilliance Shine Mist – $23.95 AUD

Alright guys, this product is my now fave! It took my dull looking hair to the next level! I was worried that it would make my hair look oily but it was infact the opposite. It also had this incredible shimmer to it. Oh and the smell, hello Desert lime! Fan favourite, Camellia Seed Oil is used in this.

So, I’m officially hooked on Davroe. Thank you so much for sending these goodies over and supporting me. I am extremely grateful!

Guys, head over to my Instagram @thehappyorganicgirlau and follow along, once I hit 2k followers I’ll be hosting an amazing giveaway, featuring an incredible gift from Davroe.




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Product Review – Pure Nut Macadamia Skin Care, Face Scrub

Pure Nut’s newly launched Face Scrub sits alongside their Body Scrub. Aside from sharing the same gorgeous scent of Lavender and Sweet Orange, the consistency is completely different. The walnut powder is finer in the Face Scrub than the Body Scrub which is great as the skin on your face is thinner and therefore the finer powder results in a more gentle scrub.

Pure Nut Macadamia Skin Care is one of my favourite brands and you will see, I have written about them before. I also included them in my 2017 Christmas Gift Guide. This is a beautiful family owned business where they harvest their own Macadamia nuts in Northern NSW.


I really enjoy using this face scrub, the creamy texture and finely crushed walnut seed work perfectly together and isn’t harsh on my skin. As I mentioned above, I adore the scent of sweet orange and lavender, pure bliss!

Unlike some scrubs, my skin doesn’t feel dry once washed off and is left feeling hydrated and soft.

Pop on over to the Pure Nut website to check out their range of products, I also recommend the Lip Balm, one of the best I’ve ever used!


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Cacao Chocolate Chia Puddings

I was very excited to be announced as a Brand Ambassador for the beautiful organic brand, Buddha Organics. I can’t wait to bring you some really yummy, organic recipes using their super food blends!

For today’s recipe, I am using the Organic Cacao Chocolate Blend. This blend is rich in Magnesium and high in antioxidants. It is also;

* Low GI
* Vegan
* GMO Free
* No fillers or additives
* Certified organic

So for breakfast, I thought why not make dessert for breakfast – but one that is healthy! Can this delicious Cacao Chocolate Chia Pudding really be my breakfast? It looks like dessert? What is this magic?

Photo 20-1-18, 3 03 51 pm_preview

* 2 cups of almond milk (or dairy substitute)
* 1 cup chia seeds
* 2 tsp Organic Cacao Chocolate Blend by Buddha Organics
* 1 tsp on maple syrup
* 1 banana
* coconut to taste
* 1 punnet of mulberries
* 1 punnet of strawberries

Chia Puddings are the absolute easiest thing to make. So easy, even I can make it!

Simply blend the banana, almond milk, maple syrup, coconut and Organic Cacao Chocolate Blend.

Once blended, add the chia seeds but do not blend. Simply shake the container to distribute the chia seeds evenly.

Pour into glasses, cover and chill in fridge until set (usually over night!).

When set, simply top with selected fruit and eat! You could even add some chopped almonds to the top for some added crunch.

So good, you will honestly think it’s your dessert!

What’s your favourite chia pudding? Do share!


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Product Review – The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

Anytime Deciem launches a new product, the general reaction is people lose their minds. Products sell out quicker than you can say “on sale”. Especially anything in The Ordinary range, somehow Deciem have managed to create an affordable skin care range with only the ingredients you really need.

So in saying that it has taken me a little while to get my hands on one of their Coverage Foundations.

Photo 13-1-18, 3 40 04 pm_preview

So the price, this retails for a crazy $12.90….say what!? Yes! Now it is a smaller bottle than that of something you could find on the shelves of your local retail store but I found a little goes a long way.

The Coverage Foundation comes in an impressive 21 shades and are broken up into three categories 1 for fair to lighter tones, 2 for medium tones and 3 for darker tones.

Photo 13-1-18, 3 41 16 pm_preview

I find the consistency of this foundation light and easy to blend. I haven’t tried using it with a Beauty Blender or brush and I’ve found it goes on nicely just using my hands. This is high coverage foundation.

As per the Deciem website this foundation is;
* alcohol-free
* oil-free
* silicone-free
* nut-free
* vegan
* gluten-free
* soy-free
* cruelty-free

Photo 13-1-18, 3 41 43 pm_preview

I don’t believe I am wearing the correct shade, it was quite hard to pick it in the store. I probably could try a darker shade however generally I do prefer a lighter shade as I love my bronzer and highlighter. The shade I have been wearing is 1.2P.

Photo 13-1-18, 3 38 57 pm_preview
As you can see here, the shade is quite light compared to the skin tone of my hand.

The greatest thing is, it isn’t an expensive foundation yet it performs so well. I will be purchasing this again (although in a darker shade) and continue to use this in my make up routine.

Please let me know if you have any feedback! Have you used this product before?



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Brand Review – Glory by Nature

In December, I received a package from Brazilian company, Glory by Nature, filled with several of their gorgeous skin care products that are certified organic, natural and vegan!


Glory by Nature was created by brother and sister team, Clarice and Val Mei who are originally from Brazil. Can you believe they speak an incredible 8 languages between them. After spending time researching what the market was after in terms of skin care, they were able to determine that people were looking for certified natural and organic products, yet hardly any brands were offering these.

With an abundance of sustainable natural resources available in Brazil, they were inspired to create a line of skin care that was also vegan and cruelty free.

Val calls out his passion for raising awareness about his home country and the amazing produce they have access too. He proudly shows that all the products are made in Brazil by featuring the Brazilian flag on the front of all packaging.

“Deixe sua beleza natural brilhar!”    ” Let your natural beauty shine!”

I was sent the following products to try;
* Cleansing Lotion & Makeup Remover
* Exfoliating Liquid Soap
* Toning Lotion
* Facial Moisturizer
* Facial Serum
* White Clay Soap
* Green Clay Soap
* Red Clay Soap

I have been trialing the products for several weeks now and I am in love. Most products contain the very famous Açai Berry and Cupuaçu Butter which are the hero ingredients -among many!
Although, I personally find a few of the products scent a little on the strong side. However my mum loved it. It didn’t bother her at all, so perhaps I am just sensitive to certain scents. My Mum actually asked to take the products home with her after Christmas she loved them that much, sorry Mum I’m not sharing! Ha!

The Products – All prices are in Canadian dollars
Cleansing Lotion & Makeup Remover – $39.95 plus tax
A creamy lotion high in Vitamin E oil which heals and nourishes, the use of Açai berry oil works on the skin to ensure make up is removed. The inclusion of Cupuaçu butter provides hydration to the skin. I find the Cleansing Lotion and Make Up Remover is the perfect second cleanse, it leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth.


Exfoliating Liquid Soap – $29.95 plus tax
Don’t let the use of the word “soap” in the product name throw you, this is so much more. I love how they have used rice micro particles in this to act as the exfoliating agent, which is great for the environment and our oceans. It’s a silky consistency that lathered up well and wasn’t too harsh on my skin. The use of Tea Tree acts as an antibacterial and I didn’t find this drying on the skin like some exfoliators.


Toning Lotion – $36.95 plus tax
As per the description this product uses Eurol BT, which I wasn’t familiar with. A quick google search fixes that, Eurol BT is an extract derived from olive plant leaves and claims to have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.
I found the toning lotion light on the skin that dried swiftly, while leaving my skin soft.

Photo 24-12-17, 12 42 01 pm_preview

Facial Moisturizer – $44.95  plus tax
A delicious thick moisturizer that is full of yummy ingredients, this has the added Karite Butter, also known as Shea Butter, to protect and seal in moisture on the skin. Again for me the scent is quite strong. Even though it is quite a thick moisturiser it absorbs quickly into the skin. I love the packaging with this, a great size and no leaks!


Facial Serum – $35.95 plus tax
This is a gel consistency and very different to the facial moisturizer. A little goes a long way with this, you only need a tiny amount. Again, this absorbed quickly into my skin which is handy if you are in a rush. It also left a cooling feeling on my skin and wears extremely well under make up.


Red Clay Soap – $18.95 plus tax
As soon as I opened the package I could smell the delicious soaps. The Red Clay Soap contains Geranium and Rosemary Essential Oil and smells divine. Red Clay is rich in iron oxide and copper. Glory by Nature recommend this soap for mature skin as the iron oxide and copper help with improving skin elasticity.

Green Clay Soap – $18.95 plus tax
Glory by Nature recommend this soap for those with acne prone skin due to the Green Clay assisting with controlling oil in the skin. Scented with Rosemary and Sweet Orange Oil, another soap that smells divine!

White Clay Soap – $18.95 plus tax
A soap blended for normal, dry and sensitive skins as it is a gentler clay on the skin.


To my followers, check this brand out. They are definitely game changers in the beauty industry. Working to provide its customers with an environmentally friendly product that’s against animal testing and  containing some amazing natural ingredients!

You can find them on Instagram here;

Thank you for the opportunity to try these products!


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2017 Christmas Gift Guide

I am a little late to the party with my Christmas Gift Guide, however there is still time for some items if you were to pick up in store. Or, just pop it on your list for the post-Christmas sales.

Some of these items have been gifted as part of my reviews, however I genuinely love the brands I have reviewed. I am a big believer in supporting local Australian brands, every time you purchase from a small business owner you are helping them reach their dreams. Most of the time, their stuff is better that what you can buy from a major retailer.

Let’s kick this off!

1. Malie Organics – Body Wash ($28 USD) and Body Cream ($32 USD), Hibiscus
Pronounced Mah-lee-ay, these products are made in Kauai, Hawaii. Malie uses organic and natural ingredients such as Hawaiian Hydrosols and botanics.

I am a massive fan of Malie, since I purchased some of their goods while I was staying in Waikiki. I especially enjoy the Hibiscus range for Christmas as the packaging is festive, with the red and whites plus it smells like summer!

Photo 16-12-17, 6 49 35 pm_preview

2. The Tooth Brush Project – Bamboo Toothbrush ($5)
While Christmas is the time for exchanging gifts, eating way too much food and sharing a laugh, it’s easy to get carried away and forget the true meaning – it’s a time for giving.

What a better way, than to give a gift that goes towards making the lives of others better?The toothbrush project, aims to help those less fortunate in Cambodia have access to dental supplies, education around dental hygiene and access to dental professionals.

Photo 13-12-17, 2 34 47 pm_preview

3. The Natural Clay Co. – Basic Skin Care Pack ($20 AUD)

The Natural Clay Co. is a great little company offering body and lip scrubs and clay masks. They have bundled together a scrub and mask of your choice for $20, which makes a pretty swell Secret Santa gift.

All their products are cruelty free and feature Australian clays. The use of clay in beauty & health has been around for centuries and is known to draw impurities out of the skin.

Photo 13-12-17, 7 05 02 pm_preview

4. Sensory Soy, Unicorn Soy Candle and Che Sara, Fico Soy Candle ($40) (for Che Sara)

I love candles, who doesn’t – let’s be honest! Especially soy candles. I have featured my Unicorn Soy Candle by Sensory Soy many times over the year since purchasing it at the Queen Victoria Markets. This smells absolutely divine and it has glitter – GLITTER!

My Fico Soy Candle by Che Sara has the loveliest design on the outside and sits inside a white jar. The Che Sara range of candles are inspired by Italy. The Fico candle smells divine, Fico is Fig in Italian and the smell of this candle makes me want to eat a plate of figs!

Photo 16-12-17, 6 50 50 pm_preview

5. Spilt Mlk – Reusable Coffee Cups – ($27 AUD, or use code HAPPYORGANIC for 20% off)

These amazing coffee cups have just hit the market. Locally designed here in Melbourne, they are just the prettiest and come in three colours. Alaskan Mist (pictured), Millennial Pink and Mint to Be. After watching the ABC program, War on Waste, I was shocked to see how many coffee cups we go through each year and just how many end up in landfill, the figure is astonishing.
Don’t forget you can use code HAPPYORGANIC for 20% off at checkout.

Photo 16-12-17, 6 52 52 pm_preview

6. Herbs and Heart, Face Mud ($35.99)

I wrote a review on the Herbs and Heart range in this weeks blog, and met the lovely owner, Jumana, in Sydney at Finders Keepers. I purchased the Face Mud while there and I am a big fan. The brand prides itself of the use of natural and organic ingredients and is cruelty free. The Face Mud acts as a cleanser/exfoliator and you can leave it on for a little longer for a deeper cleanse.

Beautiful packaging, Herbs and Heart also offer Christmas gift packs for $99.00

Photo 16-12-17, 6 55 29 pm_preview

7. Chris Cincotta, Humans in Melbourne ($49.99 AUD)

Chris is an ace bloke, he has his little stall on the corner of Bourke and Swanston selling his art. Not only that, he does so much for the people of Melbourne. Helping the homeless and bringing awareness to issues affecting those living here.

One of the best books I have purchased all year, it includes stories from Humans living in Melbourne plus awesome photos by Chris. This book deserves to be sitting on your coffee table in 2018.

Photo 16-12-17, 6 54 53 pm_preview

7. Kiss Ready Lips, 3 step skincare ($70 AUD), Tropical Body Scrub ($14.99 AUD) and Chia               Rose Lip Balm ($14.95 AUD)

Created by Lou, the Kiss Ready brand uses Australian grown Chia seed oil due to the high levels of vitamins and minerals such a Omega 3 and 6. This range is highly nourishing, and while I have yet to complete my review of the brand and products, I do rate the ingredients used. The balm is a favourite as it contains certified organic oats which act as an exfoliant, it melts into a delicious buttery oil when massaged into the skin.

Photo 16-12-17, 6 48 44 pm_preview

9. Ziel Essence, Mojito Foot Fizzy ($4 AUD), Soothe & Nourish Bath Teabag ($12 AUD)

I found this lovely brand while at Finders Keepers in Melbourne. They have affordable aromatherapy products that smell divine. I love the Bath Therapy Teabags, not only do they smell nice, I love playing with the teabag in the bath. I rest it on my chest to inhale all the goodness.

Ziel Essence also offer gift packs for Christmas starting from $14.00.

Photo 16-12-17, 6 51 24 pm_preview

10. Raw Suds, Christmas Gift Pack

Raw Suds is such a cute organic brand, featuring some really lovely products. They believe in reusing items where possible and state on their website they sometimes use old books to wrap the soaps. Raw Suds offer a range of products, soaps, bath bombs, face masks and face cloths.

Photo 16-12-17, 6 52 04 pm_preview

11. PureNut Macadamia Skincare, Giftpack

How could I forget one of my favourite brands of 2017? I have written about PureNut several times on Instagram and on the blog as I am a big fan. I love this brands origin, they use Macadamia’s from their own farm and take the oil they produce to create their skincare line.

The Man Oil is pure Macadamia oil and I love using this not only to hydrate my skin but to bring life back to my tattoos.

The Body Scrub smells divine and is the perfect consistency.

PureNut offers Gift packs also!

I wish you a very Merry Christmas, be safe and enjoy this time with your loved ones.



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Brand Review – Herbs and Heart

A few months back, I was contacted by Jumana, the owner of the gorgeous organic and cruelty free brand – Herbs and Heart. Jumana created the Herbs and Heart skin care line as she was concerned about the number of chemicals we put on our faces each day.

Not only has she created a brand that is free from any nasty chemicals, she believes in empowering and educating her customers on how to make informed decisions when it comes to their skin care routine.

Photo 13-12-17, 1 25 50 pm_preview
I was sent three products to try;
* Cell Gel
* Aloe Whip
* Elixir

I have been using these products for several weeks now, however I wanted to wait and include my review of the Face Mud which I purchased at last weekends, Finders Keepers market in Sydney. I was thrilled to meet Jumana also, and was lucky to sneak a selfie amongst all the crowd. I love meeting other boss babes who are making a difference in the world. It is so motivating!

Photo 9-12-17, 12 50 33 pm_preview
The Products
Aloe Whip – $28.99
The Aloe Whip’s three hero ingredients are Aloe, Oats and Camellia and has been created to provide hydration while leaving the skin silky smooth. One of my favourite ingredients, Camellia (also known as Tea Seed Oil) is catching on in the beauty world in Australia after being a favourite in countries like Japan for many years.
I love the subtle hint of vanilla, and although the cream is quite thick it goes on smooth while melting into the skin. I found no oily residue. I also enjoyed the cooling effect and feel this would be lovely to use on the face after a day in the sun!

Photo 13-12-17, 2 40 16 pm_preview
Cell Gel – $28.99
The Cell Gels four hero ingredients are Cucumber, Neroli, Rosehip and Orange Blossom. Like the Aloe Whip, the Cell Gel absorbs quickly and effortlessly. It leaves the skin soft to touch with a fresh fragrance I put down to the Orange Blossom.
Rosehip is known to be full of antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids which can assist with dark spots and helping with itchy skin.

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Elixir – $27.00
I have never been a big fan of Jasmine, even when I was a little one and it would grow down by the pool at my grandmothers place. I thought it was very pretty however the scent too strong. I was a little nervous trying the Elixir due to the fact one of the main ingredients is Jasmine, however I know it has many fans and the healing properties excite me. Jasmine is known for being hydrating.
Fears aside, I really love this little bottle of goodness. The scent is actually really nice and I love how it sits under my make up as it contains gold particles which reflect light.
The Elixir also contains Avocado which is another hydrator but also assists with inflammation. Green Coffee Bean has been added which works to sooth puffy eyes and fight free radicals.The Elixir is now one of my go to beauty products I won’t leave home without!

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Face Mud – $35.99
Ah the Face Mud. I wanted this so bad, I put my review on hold until I could get my hot little hands on this and boy am I glad! This wasn’t what I expected, I expected a more milky consistency, I don’t know why though. This is a very dark formula the smells absolutely incredible. The Face Mud’s three hero ingredients are Manuka Honey, Orange Peel and Sandalwood.
Manuka Honey is known for its antibacterial properties and the Orange Peel and Sandalwood work as exfoliators. I love the use of Rosemary in this – smells wonderful!
You can either massage this into your face with wet hands or leave on for 3-5 minutes. This can be quite messy so I recommend washing it off in the shower or bath.
Herbs and Heart recommend using their Skin Tonic after to assist with tightening the pores.

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Lip Glide – $5.00
A natural lip balm featuring Cherry, Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil. Created to heal dry and chapped lips. You also receive a free lip glide with any Value Set purchase.

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Herbs and Heart not only has wonderful products that are cruelty free, they are also bringing awareness to others, that beauty doesn’t have to involve testing on animals. Mother Nature has blessed us with an abundance of natural ingredients that can be used instead of harsh chemicals.
Wanting to try the Herb and Heart range? Jumana is often at The Rocks Markets in Sydney, so pop in and say hello and tell her Renee sent you.