Product Review – Scalp Remedy Trio, Davroe

Over the last few weeks, I started to suffer from an itchy and dry scalp. I put it down to the Melbourne weather, and having all the seasons in the day, plus a freezing winter.

When I started to notice flakes, I looked to my favourite haircare brand, Davroe. I knew they had a kit for such conditions and after checking out the reviews, I decided to purchase a set for myself.

I purchased the Scalp Remedy Trio directly from Davroe, however the products are also sold in Hairhouse Warehouses across Australia.

The Scalp Remedy Trio is priced at $52.95AUD and consists of the following;

  • Anti-Dandruff Shampoo – sold individually for $28.95AUD
  • Anti-Dandruff Conditioner – sold individually for $28.95AUD
  • Anti-Dandruff Lotion Spray – sold individually for $25.95AUD

I’ve previously reviewed several Davroe products and that review can be found here and what I love most about the Davroe range is the use of Australian botanics where possible. For instance the Brilliance Shine Mist has Desert Lime and the Luxe Leave-In Masque has Kakadu Plum – heaven!

All products are cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Davroe Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner
Both the shampoo and conditioner have been formulated especially for symptoms of dandruff and include ingredients that help relieve itchiness and dryness.

Both the shampoo and conditioner have a pleasant minty scent, and I think they would be great to use in summer as a refreshing treat after the beach.

I have noticed my scalp is less flaky and itchy, which has been a great outcome. My husband has also been using it and has noticed a decrease in flakes.

Davroe Anti-Dandruff Lotion Spray
I have been using this alongside the shampoo and conditioner to help further relieve the itchiness. I really enjoy using this, as I can use this instead of my Davroe Detangling Spray (which is also divine!).

I find the spray lightweight and you don’t need too much. It also is left feeling smooth to touch and can easily be styled as needed – I use a GHD to straighten my hair most mornings.

Davroe is a great Australian brand that I absolutely adore, producing haircare products that are good value, plus the best bit – the use of Australian botanics.

They are also extremely supportive of The Happy Organic Girl, so thank you!

A little insider tip, keep your eyes peeled as we may just have a special Davroe guest on Meet the Makers very soon!

Please let me know if you have any questions, or any tips on dealing with an itchy scalp!


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Brand Review – Davroe

A few weeks back I was searching for the perfect hair treatment and popped into my local Hairhouse Warehouse. I had been eyeing off the Davroe line for sometime, knowing their hair products are 100% vegan friendly and that they contained no nasties such as parabens and sulphates. I also love how some of the products contain natural Australian Botanics such as Kakadu Plum and Desert Lime.

Photo 5-3-18, 6 19 52 pm_preview

Jojoba Crème Treatment – $24.95AUD

A mask was the perfect place to start, to get a feel of the brand and product. I chose the Jojoba Crème Treatment as I loved that it contained Jojoba, this oil is perfect for repairing the hair. The instructions were to leave on damp hair for 5 minutes, I never follow the rules and decided on a few hours. My hair was not disappointed, I was left with gorgeous silky hair for days, and minimal frizz (that I normally suffer from).

Photo 17-3-18, 4 24 58 pm_preview

This week I received a wonderful package from Davroe, containing a range of their beautiful products which I am loving! They were so lovely and even included something special to use for my 2000 Instagram Follower Giveaway!

Photo 17-3-18, 5 17 58 pm_preview

Moisture Senses Hydrating Shampoo and Contioner – $27.95 AUD each

I love the shampoo and conditioner so much, and I am now officially hooked. The scent for these is Jasmine, and it is simply divine. My hair feels clean after using the shampoo and it lathers beautifully. The conditioner is silky and allows the comb to run effortlessly through my hair (I roll my head in my sleep, so get knotty easily!).

The shampoo and conditioner also contain argan oil, known to be an extremely hydrating oil.

Photo 17-3-18, 5 15 57 pm_preview

Ends Repair – $22.95 AUD

Along with my knotty hair, I also suffer from frizz. Pretty much as soon as I’ve straightened my hair and I get into the car, all of a sudden my hair is all frizzy! I’ve loved using this, the great thing is, it can be used on either wet or dry hair. It also claims to help with split ends (um yes please!). A little goes a long way, and this handy size is perfect for keeping in the hand bag and using on the go.

Photo 17-3-18, 5 18 38 pm_preview

Thermaprotect – $22.95 AUD

The perfect heat protector, and another step you can to ensure you are protecting you hair when using straighteners and hair dryers. The instructions call for you to use on wet hair, then dry however I used a little on my hands and ran through dry hair before using the straightener. The results were incredible with my hair staying straight throughout the whole day at work!

Photo 17-3-18, 5 16 55 pm_preview

Murray River Sea Salty Spray – $23.95 AUD

A take on the classic beach spray to create waves, this actually uses Murray River Salt as one of the hero ingredients! I find this so cool, as it’s sourced from our own backyard (not mine, Australia’s!). My hair definitely likes to curl, in every which way and I found this lightweight and didn’t make my hair oily!

Photo 17-3-18, 5 19 18 pm_preview

Brilliance Shine Mist – $23.95 AUD

Alright guys, this product is my now fave! It took my dull looking hair to the next level! I was worried that it would make my hair look oily but it was infact the opposite. It also had this incredible shimmer to it. Oh and the smell, hello Desert lime! Fan favourite, Camellia Seed Oil is used in this.

So, I’m officially hooked on Davroe. Thank you so much for sending these goodies over and supporting me. I am extremely grateful!

Guys, head over to my Instagram @thehappyorganicgirlau and follow along, once I hit 2k followers I’ll be hosting an amazing giveaway, featuring an incredible gift from Davroe.