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The Prospect Project, Ludacrisp Granola

I was lucky to receive a sample of The Prospect Project’s, Ludacrisp Grain Free Granola. I really love this brand’s values. Products are vegan, they donate products for fundraising efforts, products are made by hand, they support women in business AND they care about the environment – wow!

Photo 18-2-18, 12 52 13 pm_previewSome of the amazing values of The Prospect Project

The Creator
Shannon, who was unhappy with the corporate world and wanted to make a positive change for her community, has created an amazing brand that openly admits to not taking themselves too seriously – which I love! I also applaud them on proudly supporting women in business, that makes my heart smile!

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 6.22.24 pm.pngThis is Shannon, the creator!
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Ludacrisp Grain Free Granola
The tagline describes this granola perfectly, “All Killer, No Filler”. As per the website, the granola contains no sweetners, syrups or additives. They dehydrate the granola rather than bake it, to really enhance and lock in the flavour. The use of dates over sugar provides a healthy alternative and gives it the perfect amount of sweetness.

The granola is extremely well priced with 250g for $12 and 1kg for $30.

Ingredients (as per website):
hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, dates, coconut oil, vanilla, cinnamon.

Smoothie Bowl Sunday
With my sample I decided to make a smoothie bowl to really showcase the granola, plus they are super easy to make, and let’s be honest, some Sunday’s you just want to be lazy!

I used the following ingredients;
* The Prospect Project, Ludacrisp Grain Free Granola
* Strawberries
* Blueberries
* Boost Rawsome Smoothie pack
* The Beauty Chef, Glow powder
* Almond milk

Photo 18-2-18, 5 36 50 pm_preview

Simply the Boost Smoothie pack, Glow powder and almond milk.
Pour into bowl and serve with sliced fruit. Sprinkle the granola on top.

Photo 18-2-18, 5 37 17 pm_preview

Admire, photograph, eat and enjoy!

Have a wonderful week,
Renee x

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Cacao Chocolate Chia Puddings

I was very excited to be announced as a Brand Ambassador for the beautiful organic brand, Buddha Organics. I can’t wait to bring you some really yummy, organic recipes using their super food blends!

For today’s recipe, I am using the Organic Cacao Chocolate Blend. This blend is rich in Magnesium and high in antioxidants. It is also;

* Low GI
* Vegan
* GMO Free
* No fillers or additives
* Certified organic

So for breakfast, I thought why not make dessert for breakfast – but one that is healthy! Can this delicious Cacao Chocolate Chia Pudding really be my breakfast? It looks like dessert? What is this magic?

Photo 20-1-18, 3 03 51 pm_preview

* 2 cups of almond milk (or dairy substitute)
* 1 cup chia seeds
* 2 tsp Organic Cacao Chocolate Blend by Buddha Organics
* 1 tsp on maple syrup
* 1 banana
* coconut to taste
* 1 punnet of mulberries
* 1 punnet of strawberries

Chia Puddings are the absolute easiest thing to make. So easy, even I can make it!

Simply blend the banana, almond milk, maple syrup, coconut and Organic Cacao Chocolate Blend.

Once blended, add the chia seeds but do not blend. Simply shake the container to distribute the chia seeds evenly.

Pour into glasses, cover and chill in fridge until set (usually over night!).

When set, simply top with selected fruit and eat! You could even add some chopped almonds to the top for some added crunch.

So good, you will honestly think it’s your dessert!

What’s your favourite chia pudding? Do share!


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Super Greens Smoothie Bowl

It is hot in Melbourne today. We don’t get too many hot days here, so I really shouldn’t complain, but I hate the heat! I plan on surviving the heat by making this amazingly delicious, nutritious and refreshing Smoothie Bowl.

Smoothie Bowls are super easy to make, and you really can use any ingredients that you think will taste great.

There is no right or wrong way with a Smoothie Bowl. I always just free-style it, I prefer a thick smoothie so add frozen fruit such as banana to increase the thickness.

For today’s Smoothie Bowl I used the following;
* Rockmelon
* Strawberries
* Blueberries
* Chia seeds
* Pepita seeds
* Raspberries
* Coconut water
* Frozen banana
* Baby spinach
* Boost, Greener Pastures packet
* Freedom Foods Crafted Blends gluten-free bar

I like to see what superfood bars are on special at the Supermarket and include those as a bit of crunch and added sweetness.

Blend the Boost Greener Pastures with 1 cup of coconut water, baby spinach and peptia seeds until you have a smooth consistency. I also added some of the chia seeds, keeping some out for decorating purposes.

Pour into bowl and decorate with berries and additional Chia seeds.

I used cutters to cut out the cute “love” message and stars from the Rockmelon. Time consuming but cute right?

Serve chilled.

Have you enjoyed my recipe, Super Greens Smoothie Bowl? I’d love to hear any feedback you may have!

What’s your favourite Smoothie Bowl recipe?



P.S Stay cool Melbourne!

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Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl


One word, AMAZING!!!!

This was one of the yummiest smoothie bowls I have had in ages, the perfect Sunday morning breakfast! I love smoothie bowls. They are so incredibly easy to make and depending what you put in it are very healthy.

This is our own creation, and the best bit is you can mix and match to your own tasting!

Let’s get started!


– Punnet of fresh blueberries, split in half
– 1 cup of milk of choice, I use almond milk
– 2 cups of frozen banana
– 4 tbls of peanut butter
– half a cup of pepita seeds (I picked up a mixture of seeds as they were on special!)
– Ice to taste
– I picked up some protein balls that were on special which I decided to throw on top

How To
– Blend half of the blueberries, milk, frozen banana, peanut butter and ice
– Pour into a bowl to serve
– Place the other half of the blueberries, fresh banana and peptia seeds on top, get creative! This is your canvas!
– Enjoy!!!


Please let me know what your favourite smoothie bowls are! I’d love to see what everyone else likes to do!

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Smoothie Sunday!

Smoothie Sunday was easy as pie today. I only needed 3 ingredients, and with summer berries coming into season it was cheap as chips!
I love smoothies, sometimes I worry about the sugar intake so I look for ways to reduce this.

Photo 24-9-17-2

Today was also my first day using the Beauty Chef, Glow Inner Beauty Powder. What a magical canister of goodness this is!

The Glow Inner Beauty Powder is a bio-fermented superfood blend created to improve the outer skin complexion. Beauty from the inside out!
Key ingredients are;
* Dunaliella salina – nutrient dense algae
* Queen Garnet Plum- has up to 6 times the antioxidant properties than blueberries
* Probiotics- promoting up to 500 million good bacteria per serve
* Vitamins + minerals- such as vitamin C which assists in collagen production

Photo 24-9-17

The ingredients you will need are as follows;
– Punnet of strawberries
– Punnet of blueberries
– Coconut water
– Ice

I added the recommended amount of Glow Inner Beauty Powder, 1 tsp, to the smoothie mix prior to blending.

Once blended, the smoothie is ready to enjoy!

Photo 24-9-17-1

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Peppermint Belly Jellies, Reece Carter (The Garden Apothecary)

I stumbled across Reece Carter’s book, The Garden Apothecary, one day on my travels. It was immediately love at first sight.
The author, Reece Carter is a naturopath by trade, and it shines through in each recipe. Reece also touches on how to grow your own herbs and uses raw and natural ingredients in all recipes.


I am terrible in the kitchen, luckily The Garden Apothecary is filled with the easiest of recipes!

Below is the recipe for the Peppermint Belly Jellies. I don’t think I added enough gelatine (vegan) as they were a little slimy but they tasted amazing plus were the most gorgeous shade of green. I felt healthy just looking at them.
Reece even suggests serving them after dessert if you have friends around, and I agree the Peppermint Belly Jellies would be the perfect way to end dinner!

You can follow Reece on Instagram – @herbnerdreece


Peppermint Jelly Bellies
– 300mls coconut milk
– 1 cup of fresh peppermint leaves
– 12 to 16 drops stevia extract
– 9 teaspoons (45mls) gelatine (or agar-agar)

How To
– Put the coconut milk and peppermint leaves into a blender and blend until smooth.
– Pour into a heavy-base saucepan and bring to a boil over a medium heat. Turn the heat of, and leave to infuse with the lid on for 5 minutes.
– Stir through the stevia extract.
– Whisk the gelatine or agar-agar through with a fork then pour into your mould or moulds.
– Place in the fridge for 1 to 2 hours or until completely set. Enjoy!

Note: I found a vegan gelatine in Woolworths!



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Spring Fling – Sweet Potato Soup with Beetroot Crisps

As we bid farewell to winter here in Australia, I wanted to take a moment to share my favourite soup with you. It’s still a bit chilly here in Melbourne, and really who needs an excuse for soup? Not me!

My Husband, Jordan is a qualified Chef working in Melbourne. He put this recipe together which I think is genius really. I would never had thought to put honey in a soup to sweeten it.


Firstly gather your ingredients! You will need the following;

For the Soup;
– 2 x medium sweet potatoes, diced
– 1 x large brown onion, diced
– 2 x garlic cloves, minced
– 1 large carrot, diced
– 2ltr of vegetable stock
– 3 tablespoons of ground cummin
– 1 tablespoon of honey
– Several sprigs of chives for seasoning
– Salt and pepper to taste

For the Beetroot Crisps;
– 2 or 3 whole beetroots
– Salt and pepper to taste


How To – Soup
– Saute off onion and garlic till the onions are soft
– Add the cumin and cook till fragrant
– Add carrot and potato and start to cook the vegetables
– Once the vegetables have colour add the vegetable stock
– Bring to boil and simmer till the potato is soft
– Blitz the soup in a blender till smooth and add the honey
– Season to taste
– Add chopped chives to garnish and your beetroot crisps to finish

How To – Beetroot Crisps
– Use a mandolin slicer to slice the beetroot into thin slices
– Bake in the oven for 40 minutes on 130 degrees
– Season with salt and pepper

Note: The Beetroot Crisps will shrink in the oven, I always make extra just in case. Besides they are delicious to munch on, just as they are.

Any questions, please let me know!


Renee x