Lunch at Touchwood Cafe, Richmond

I've been finding myself ending up in Richmond quite a but lately. I was never really familiar with the area but it is really growing on me! A few weeks back, I found myself in Richmond again and after jumping off the 75 tram from Flinders St Station and spending a bomb at Adairs, I popped… Continue reading Lunch at Touchwood Cafe, Richmond


Dinner at Lemongrass Thai, Carlton

Back to our favourite Thai restaurant, Lemongrass Thai in Carlton, a few weeks back for yet another incredibly delicious royal feast. Getting things moving with our favourite cocktails, the Lychee Daiquri and the Siamese Princess. Both of these cocktails are so delicious!! This time we also were lucky to try two of their fruit mocktails,… Continue reading Dinner at Lemongrass Thai, Carlton


Dinner at Bay City Burrito, St Kilda

If you are reading this, and have no dinner plans for this weekend, then I thoroughly recommend you throw Bay City Burrito on your to-do list. Not only does it cater for the meat-eaters with their gigantic burritos full oh different meats and rice plus beans they also have heaps of vegan options. First things… Continue reading Dinner at Bay City Burrito, St Kilda


Lunch at Sebastian Food & Wine, Hampton

I had a week off between finishing and starting my new job, which meant lots of of yummy breakfasts, brunches and lunches ha! One place I was lucky to visit was the beautiful Sebastian's Food & Wine in Hampton, with its welcoming interior and cozy leather seating. Located close to the train station, yet I… Continue reading Lunch at Sebastian Food & Wine, Hampton

Business in Focus

Meet the Makers – Michael from Burnley Brewing

A few weeks back, I popped on a 75 tram from Flinders Station and went on a journey to the ultra groovy Burnley Brewing in Richmond. Not only did I have a stunning meal, with a full review coming in the next 2 weeks, but I got to meet the Head Brewer Michael! What makes… Continue reading Meet the Makers – Michael from Burnley Brewing


Lunch at Drumplings, Melbourne CBD

I have a confession to make. I am absolutely OBSESSED with Dumplings. So obsessed, that people at work ask me if I'll be posting about it each day ha! I believe Drumplings is the coolest idea since sliced bread. In the fast-paced foodie world, where you need creativity to succeed - Drumplings delivers. Located on… Continue reading Lunch at Drumplings, Melbourne CBD


Breakfast at Short Straw, Hawthorn

Popping along to Short Straw in Hawthorn one early Sunday morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find a space that was full of light. This is great for me as it means I'll be able to get some great photos ha! However it also creates a beautiful ambience, perfect for  brunching, chatting and laughing with… Continue reading Breakfast at Short Straw, Hawthorn


Breakfast at Turning Point, Ripponlea

Turning Point in Ripponlea has one of the most insta-grammable (not a word, I made it up!) dishes out of all the cafes in Melbourne - the Point of No Return. Of course, I will touch more on this dish further, but I will say it is incredible the amount of creativity that has gone… Continue reading Breakfast at Turning Point, Ripponlea


Hair Treatment at FicceCode

The wonderful team at FicceCode invited me to visit their newest store in the heart of Melbourne to experience one of their treatments and have my scalp analysed. FicceCode has been developed with a scientific thinking, with two Melbourne uni students analysing what ingredients actually make hair healthier and smoother. The store in Swanston Street, Melbourne… Continue reading Hair Treatment at FicceCode


Brunch at the Espresso Room, Northcote

Brunch - noun A late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch. Thanks Wikipedia ha! Actually brunch is one of my favourite things. It combines a normally long sleep in, with just enough time to excuse an eggs benny as an appropriate dish past noon. Once finished it's generally time for another nap, which… Continue reading Brunch at the Espresso Room, Northcote