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Product Review – Enbacci Skincare

On Saturday I published my Meet the Makers interview with the lovely Yong-Li from Enbacci Skincare, you can find the interview here. I really enjoyed getting to know this Melbourne based brand a little more, and so did you! It was one of my most read interviews in a couple of months!

I mentioned I had been trialling a few of the products for a month or so also and thought it would be the perfect time to run through them with you.


The three products I’ve been trialling are;


The products are made here in Australia, and they even package everything themselves with recyclable packaging. They also seek to use fruit and plant stem cells which work actively on the skin to repair, moisturise and protect.


Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Scrub – $45 AUD
Made with fine environmentally friendly micro-beads, this is extremely gentle on the skin and I find it easy to use without overworking it. I enjoy the smell, its light and not overpowering.

I love how it leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and smooth. I notice my skin is brighter after using this also.


Detoxifying Clay Mask – $44 AUD
Like all clay based masks, I don’t allow this to dry completely however the texture is more a creamy base than a traditional clay base mask. Kaolin Clay is a hero inclusion which works to draw out impurities in the skin yet is gentle on sensitive skin.

Once applied to my skin, I immediately feel my skin cooling and tingling which is refreshing. As I mentioned above, I love that the mask doesn’t dry down completely which makes it easy to remove and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry.

My skin is left feeling smooth to touch and not tight at all.


Pore Minimiser – $30 AUD
As the name suggests this is a light cream that works to reduce the appearance of pores. While I haven’t yet tried wearing this under make up, it is noted on the Enbacci website that this can be worn under it.

Tea tree oil is one of the hero ingredients, this acts as an anti-inflammatory also. I quite enjoy the smell of tea tree oil so the smell of the Pore Minimiser doesn’t bother me. It works well into the skin and leaves a beautiful matte finish with no sticky residue.


The whole range of products can be purchased on the Enbacci website where AfterPay is available. There is also a retail store in Prahran, Melbourne which I have been desperate to visit! Nothing like a physical store where you can go and smell everything.

I’ve really enjoyed using this range, especially on my #selfcare days as it feels like a luxurious spa day at home!

Have you tried the range?


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Product Review – Be Fraiche

I was so excited when Helen reached out to me, through mutual introduction by our dear friend Louella from Kiss Ready Lips, and asked me to trial her Starter Kit.

I had met Helen at the 2017 Sydney Finders Keepers Market, where I was introduced to her line. The Happy Organic Girl was only 6 months young and I was still nervous to say who I was and what I was doing with my blog!

Helen was passionate, engaged and I loved hearing a little about the products. The Bean Scrub quickly drew my attention, alongside The Flower Face Cream.

Helen started Be Fraiche with her skin type in mind. Sensitive Combination skin. Struggling to find anything that worked for her, Helen took it upon herself to create a skincare line that would work but also be fun. She didn’t take this lightly either, working hard with study to increase her knowledge on the matter.

In 2015, Helen completed her Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation and Tutor Training (wow!). She also travelled to Grasse in France to learn perfumery.

What an inspiration!


Helen has created the perfect sized Starter Kit for her Belle’s. Priced at $38 AUD, it includes everything you need to get a feel for the range.

The Starter Kit includes the following;

  • The Tea Cleanser, 50ml
  • Bean Face Scrub, 10ml
  • The Flower Face Cream, 10ml
  • Seed Face Oil, 5ml

Plus it comes in the cutest little bag that is perfect for travelling!

The Tea Cleanser
The Tea Cleanser comes in a handy pump bottle, and when pumped is a light weight foam. The Be Fraiche website mentions you can use this twice daily, I have enjoyed using it in the morning as I find it extremely refreshing.

The scent of citrus is welcoming (especially to help me wake up!).

I speak often that I require an oil based cleanser in the PM as I wear heavy make up but this would make a beautiful second cleanser.

The Bean Scrub
As I mentioned above, when I first met Helen, it was The Bean Scrub that drew me in. What was it? Was it actual beans – I was so intrigued!

Formulated with Japanese Adzuki beans which contain saponin, it works to remove dead skin cells and brighten the skin. This is a gentle exfoliator, which my skin loves.

I found that when I use this after The Tea Cleanser, my skin glows! My skin also doesn’t react due to the fineness of the scrub.

The Bean Scrub also uses Australian Pink Clay which works to draw out impurities.


The Flower Face Cream
I am often too busy raving about my love of face oils (ha! never fear that will come after the next photo) that I often underestimate the power of a great face cream.

The Flower Face Cream isn’t mucking around either, it contains a bunch of ingredients  that work to soothe your skin such as rosehip and seabuckthorn (one of my faves).

Calendula is the perfect to addition that will help calm those with a little redness of the skin.

I found the Flower Face Cream light and that it easily melts into the skin. A little goes a long way, and while the Starter size is in a little pot, the full size is in a handy tube.

The Seed Face Oil
When I realised there was a face oil in the Starter pack, you should have seen my face light up! For the 100th time, yes I absolutely adore a good face oil.

Helen is onto something with the seabuckthorn fruit extract, this stuff is an absolute hero ingredient. This stuff will heal your skin, so perfect for those with sensitive skin or those with dry skin. Not only that, this has 8, yes 8 oils that work in harmony with your skin.

The scent isn’t strong, it smells very natural and earthy which I find pleasant. I use this in the evening alongside by Gua Sha tool as part of my facial massage routing – and I love it.


I will note also, that all of the Be Fraiche products are made right here in Australia.

Our relationship has blossomed and I am so excited to meet Helen again in a couple of weeks, to talk more about her passion and goals for Be Fraiche. Thank you Helen for all of your support also!

Be sure to reach out to Helen via @befraicheskincare or via her website

Please let me know if you have any questions or who you would like to see next on the blog!



Product Review – Vitamin C Brightening Serum with Kakadu Plum, Tumeric & Rosehip, Scout Cosmetics

Ask me when my favourite time of the month is and I can say its when I review a selected Scout Cosmetics product!
July’s product was the Vitamin C Brightening Serum with Kakadu Plum, Tumeric & Roship – I was super excited to try this one.

The Vitamin C Brightening Serum with Kakadu Plum, Tumeric & Roship retails for $45.95 and can be purchased from the Scout Cosmetics website.


Like all Scout Cosmetics products, this is jam-packed with a bunch of super ingredients such as Kakadu Plum, Aloe Vera juice, Tumeric, Rosehip and Orange Peel.

I was really interested to learn what healing benefits Tumeric had. I mean, I knew it was a superfood and great for digestion but how could it benefit my face?
Fun fact, Tumeric has anti-inflammatory properties and it can assist with healing acne scars plus reducing breakouts.


I’ve spoken about Kakadu Plum and how it has more Vitamin C than any other ingredient. Why is Vitamin C important in skincare? It holds amazing anti-aging properties and assists the skin produce collagen.
Rosehip also assists with preventing those dreaded wrinkles!

One of the main things I adore about Scout Cosmetics is the use of organic ingredients where possible. In this 30ml bottle of goodness, 95% of the ingredients are organic.  Very impressive!


While using this light-weight formula in the evenings, my skin feels hydrated and also visibly plumper. I love putting this on just after a shower when my skin is warm and ready to soak up all the goodness.
I really enjoy the smell of this, and the light fragrance it leaves once applied to my face.

As with all the Scout Cosmetics range, this comes in an easy to use plastic bottle with dropper that makes application easy.

Want to read more? Click here to read my Meet the Makers interview with Sylvie, the founder of Scout Cosmetics!

Have you tried any of the Scout Cosmetics products? Happy Friday Eve!


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Product Review – Natura Skincare

I first met Monica the night I launched my first Meet the Makers Interview. I had put it forward to see who would be keen to take part and Monica was one of the first to put her hand up!
You can find the Meet the Makers interview with Monica here.

Monica sent over a selection of products to review, after I mentioned this is something I also do, to assist small business owners.

I received the following;

  • St Clements Scrub 250g
  • Rejuvenating Cacao & Honey Mask 50ml
  • Rejuvenating Serum, normal to oily skin 30ml

All products are made in small batches, by hand, to ensure all customers are receiving the freshest of products.

Natura Skincare’s products are free of fillers, chemicals and synthetics. They also do not test on animals.

Rejuvenating Cacao & Honey Mask 50ml
I was so excited to try this mask, the name sounds so inviting – Cacao & Honey. It sounds so good, I just want to eat it!

I’ve found due to winter, this mask does harden, but that’s easy to fix. Simply warm a little mask between your fingers or in your palm then apply.

Not only does this mask contain Cacao & Honey but also Kaolin White Australian Clay which helps to exfoliate and draw impurities, Shea Butter which provides moisturising properties.

When removing the mask, I like to use warm water and a muslin cloth. It will leave your skin feeling soft with a little residue from the moisturisng grapeseed and rose hip oils.

St Clements Scrub 250g – $25.00AUD
I’ve been finding this scrub perfect for winter. It not only hydrates my skin but the citrus blend of essential oils that are used are perfectly uplifting. I love using the scrub in the shower where I can take advantage of the beautiful aromas!

Raw Sugar has been used as the exfoliator, which I love. I find sometimes salt can be a little drying.

Rejuvenating Serum, normal to oily skin 30ml – $32AUD
The perfect golden oil, that’s not to heavy and comes in a glass bottle with a handy pump. Looks aside this is made up of some beautiful ingredients, including 6 oils;

  • Jojoba Oil
  • Macadamia
  • Rosehip
  • Coconut
  • Grapeseed
  • Apricot Seed

The inclusion of Hyaluronic Acid aids the skin in retaining moisture. One of my favourite oils is also used, Seabuckthorn! I love that stuff!

This is perfect morning or night due to its lightweight formula, however like with most oils I tend to use this at night.

I’ve really enjoyed using these products. You can tell so much heart, love and soul has gone into them.

I also love Monica’s enthusiasm for natural beauty, and how happy she is to share her knowledge. If you have any questions about Natura Skincare, feel free to reach out to Monica! She would love to hear from you!

I hope you have enjoyed tonight’s review of Natura Skincare, Monica’s details are listed below;

Website –
Instagram –

Let me know your thoughts! Happy Friday Eve!


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Product Review – Botany Beauty (new items!), Malie Organics

Several months back, Malie Organics expanded on their Botany Beauty line (previously was just the Firming Cream) with the introduction of the following 3 products;

  • Cleansing Polish
  • Illuminating Moisturizer
  • Luxe Eye Cream

I shared my thoughts on the new products in a blog post, which I will share the link too however I will say this. I absolutely love the Cleansing Polish. It’s this perfect jelly like consistency that smells like heaven!

The Illuminating Moisturiser is perfect for under my makeup and provides a subtle glow and the Luxe Eye Cream is a thick cream perfect for the under eye area. You can find the full review of the above products here.

I was excited when they first launched the range, and after knowing how good these products are, I could hardly contain my excitement!


The newest products to the range are;

  • Coffee Fruit Mask
  • Kaua’i Clay Mask
  • Hydrosol Facial Tonic
  • Illuminating Serum

The new products are packaged in the signature Botany Beauty packaging, with the gold and white, which looks so luxurious and sits beautifully on the make up shelf!


Coffee Fruit Mask 15ml – $55USD
This is the most interesting product I have tried in such a long time. When you hear the word’s “mask” you expect something quite thick. Although this has the consistency more so of a serum but you apply it to cleansed skin and leave for up to 5 minutes.

The ingredients – just one! Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Extract which the Malie website states has more antioxidant power than any other fruit source.

Like most masks, I like to apply this just before popping in the shower as I have a tendency to get masks everywhere! Ha!


Kaua’i Clay Mask 120ml – $45USD
The Kaua’i Clay Mask is not like any clay mask I’ve ever tried. With one of the ingredients being Kaua’i Bentonite Clay it dries quite firm. However once I add a little water to remove the mask it turns to this beautiful consistency, very smooth and easy to remove.

My skin generally goes quite red when I use clay masks, however I don’t find that with the Kaua’i Clay Mask as it’s quite gentle.

Other ingredients include Aloe and Blue Green Algae, so much super power in the jar!

Hydrosol Facial Tonic 50ml – $45USD
The Hydrosol Facial Tonic is made from pure Jasmine and Rose Hydrosols. Not sure what a hydrosol is? A hydrosol is produced by distilling flowers and leaves, to form a gentle alternative to pure essential oils.

The Hydrosol Facial Tonic can be used as a toner, but what I love using it for is to spritz as my face mask dries to add a little moisture and some added nutrients!

I love how light this is on the skin, plus it smells absolutely divine!

Illuminating Serum 30ml – $45USD
Attention! This is now my new favourite, although the Cleansing Polish is a strong contender. I love this serum with all my heart, it’s light, perfectly packaged, smells divine and has a bunch of amazing oils (9 in total) to provide you with all the antioxidant power you need!

I love to use this at night, after I’ve finished my shower. I find the serum the perfect end to my skincare routine as I settle into bed for the night.

This is on my “must have” shopping list for when I am in Hawaii, I may even need to bring back a few bottles!

While I love the Malie Organics brand a whole lot, these new products are amazing! Again, I can’t fault them at all. Everything has been thought through, they are perfect in every way.

You can find all of the Malie Organics products on their website.

Not only is Malie Organics creating these beautiful products, they also do amazing work for their community. The #givingbackisbeautiful campaign runs on different days through the year and 100% of profits for that given day is donated to a selected community charity. So special!

Thank you Malie for all that you do, and for creating such beauty!


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Product Review – Botany Beauty, Malie Organics

Malie Organics, is quite possibly my favourite brand around! I hold Malie Organics so close to my heart as they have inspired so much of my Green Beauty journey. The maker, Dana, has created such a beautiful line of products for the body including Beauty Oils, Scrubs, Body Wash, Shampoo & Conditioners and even Soy Candles – all scented with beautiful Hawaiian ingredients.

So how did I come to love this brand as much as I do?

Flashback to June 2017, when I wandered into the Malie Organics store at the Royal Hawaiian in Honolulu. I was met by such a lovely sales assistant, I kick myself for not knowing her name. If I had any questions they were swiftly answered with passion before I was left to wonder the store and smell the beautiful products.

So nearly a year later, when Malie Organics announced they were creating a skin care range, I was extremely excited! It was to be called Botany Beauty, with three new products complementing the very popular Firming Cream.


The Firming Cream is not pictured here, however I purchased this in December and want to include it in my review. This cream repairs the skin and is full of antioxidants that assist with ageing and fine lines. I love how thick this cream is, but it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. The use of Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Extract excites me, with the Malie Organics website quoting this as having more antioxidant power than any other fruit source. Available for $45.00 USD

The three new products to the Botany Beauty line are;
* Cleansing Polish
* Illuminating Moisturizer
* Luxe Eye Cream


Cleansing Polish – $49.00 USD

My favourite out of the Botany Beauty range, I absolutely adore the jelly like texture, refreshing scent and the use of Hibiscus Petals, Ground Olive Seeds, and Cranberry Seeds to exfoliate the skin! I believe this is gentle enough to use every night if you wanted to, with only a small amount being needed. However generally, I use this every second night. I really wish you could smell this one! So good!

The Cleansing Polish is on my shopping list for November when I am back in Hawaii!


Luxe Eye Cream – $48.00 USD

The Luxe Eye Cream is generously sized, with a handy pump  for ease of application.
The consistency of the cream is light, with a fresh botanic scent that isn’t heavy, and as I found, didn’t irate my eye area. When I apply this to my under eye area I feel an immediate cooling sensation.

I remember using Witch Hazel when I was a teenager, and I find it interesting it’s still used today! The inclusion of Witch Hazel in the Luxe Eye Cream assists with reducing puffiness (which I’m fairly certain was my aim as a teen and minimising my spots!).


Illuminating Moisturizer – $46.00 USD

Why use a primer when you have the Illuminating Moisturizer, well that’s what I’ve found! The Illuminating Moisturiser has an almost pearl like colour to it, when massaged into the skin it creates a dewy base perfect for foundation.
That’s not to say you can’t use it at night, with ingredients such as aloe vera to add moisture to the skin and allows the skin to work on repairing itself.

The Moisturizer contains Clove and until I looked up the ingredients, I couldn’t quite put my finger on what smelt so good!


The perfect family of four, all of the products would go well in any skin care routine. As I mentioned above, I absolutely adore the Cleansing Polish.
Could it be due to my love of cleansers? Possibly! It’s fun to work between my fingers before massaging into my face!

I hope you enjoyed my review of the new Botany Beauty line from Malie Organics!